The Best Front Three

Ok so I am thinking, based on my own W-L ratio, that the most difficult defenses to beat are ones with the following front three:
Ursena - Telluria - Vela

telluria is a big thing now…

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Telluria and Vela are formidable on their own. Ursena is a beast. But I’d imagine Kunchen would be just as much of a PITA.
I’ve been trying to find my Telluria/Vela team. I’ve had approx 50/50 success with 3/2 fire/nature. I either go Kingston, BT, Yunan, Mitsy, Natalya
OR Mother North, Wilbur +18, Mitsy, Kingston, Natalya. I’ve done better with the Yunan tank team.
Of course this all depends on the other teams makeup as mostly I run mono. But a bad board with those front 3 is going to give you very little time to work it into a good board.
With recent discussions on this forum I’m going to start working on my minion eaters, namely Captain of Diamonds, Grimble and Gobbler. Some of these teams are just huge minion parties anymore :joy:

This has quickly become the most annoying defense I face due to the amount of times I see it.



What @JLB_ep said. If Tell fires against your red stacked team, you’re toast. -34% mana gen will enable GM to apply the burn and Vela to apply the ice cold water burn.


i can agree with you there. Swapping Ursena on the left flank with GM - also very very annoying.

I’d say maybe Ariel Ursula Poseidon as Atlantis bouns is there

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I checked global top 10 every day for the last 20 days or so, since Tel/Vela front line first emerged. At any given time I did, at least 6 out of 10 top 10 teams had the Telluria / Vela couple as front line. Anybody in their right mind should notice this couple has shifted the game ballance in favor of those who got lucky or spent enough to get those two, in a manner never seen before. I wouldn’t be surprised at all seeing some top alliances shifting their war strategy to a green tank blue flank solution…


Minions 4 me no mana 4 you.



Vela-Black Knight-Telluria would probably cause me to pass, but any BK tank at this point in the game is cause enough for a pass IMO.

Next month’s HotM will make him largely irrelevant for those who get him, but in the meantime…

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