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This is an opinion thread, which means there’s no right answers, just curious what people’s thoughts are.

Which color do you believe to be the best? Or most balanced? Meaning, if stacked all heroes of each color up, who wins? Which do you choose?

Could also break it down by 4* and 5*.

If not wanting a summary, I’ll also include a poll. Just as soon as I figure out how to do polls…

  • Nature
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Dark
  • Holy

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Green is probably the best color. It has the highest number of amazing heroes. Zeline, Alberich, Lianna, Tarlak, Evelyn, Gregorian etc in my lineup red is my best color because my red heroes work together very nicely with boldtusk, Wilbur, falcon, Scarlett, Colen, Marjana and if I was lucky enough it could include gravemaker. Red is really strong too. I’d say green has the best 5* heroes though.


I think I like Nature, too, for the revivabilty aspect that no other color has.

“Who gets my tonics?” Always seems to be an ongoing thread above others, too. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a “who gets my tabards?” Thread.

If I’m ranking, I go:

Though with new heroes coming out all the time, that’s subject to change.

One more vote for nature. Zeline is the bane of my existence.

My personal favorites are dark heroes. Hel is my favorite, her special has saved me countless times. Proteus and Merlin are awesome as well. I think I like them best because those types of specials are fairly rare.

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From a more 4* perspective, I love the Dark cohort.

Rigard, Proteus, Tibertus, Sabina… hardly a dud in the bunch. Maybe Cyprian?


Yeah agree with Jonah. Plus in 5 star we have Sartana, Khiona, and the incomparable Hel. Give in to the dark!

I’m amused by the poll results so far. Is there no love at all for Ice or Holy?

(My vote was for Dark but I’m biased. Of my 11 4-star heroes, 6 are dark.)

Either Fire or Dark, in my opinion. I think Fire edges out Dark when looking at the less popular heroes.

Fire: Khagan, maybe Elena?, maybe Kelile?
Dark: Quintus, Obakan, Boomer, Mok-Arr, Thoth-Amun, Boss Wolf, maybe Cyprian?

It’s hard to think of bad 4* or better fire heroes. I actually used Kelile extensively early on.

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Three choices here for me:

Best limited included: Green without a doubt.

Best only regulars: i would say Red.

Best for me (my personal deck): Purple.


Merlin as well. 20 char

Overall maybe dark is the most balanced or versatile colour, but based in my roster and favorites heroes I voted fire.


Inari wins this alone for Holy. And then there is Guinevere, Jackal and Drake to back her up

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Great topic

Let me think hmm before I check results

If we are talking normal TC20 heroes all colours are fairly even and have their own weaknesses

Yellow - no 4* healer but best vanilla 5* healer

Purple - no 4* snipers but 5* Sartana is great, great healers

Red - Great all round utility (Khagan the weak link)

Blue - Great all round utility (Thorne a weak link)

Green - aside from Lianna, who is boss, lack of 5* green heavy hitters

If we introduce HOTM, as was mentioned above, the scales tip in Green’s favour somewhat due to Alby, Zel, Mother, Evelyn, MLF due to their insane powers.

Red is still solidly strong due to Gravy, Zim and Ares

Blue is solid too with Athena and Alasie, although Perseus and Aegir are not as useful

Yellow is solid with Del, Guin, Drake

Purple is so-so but Panther and Hel are nothing to be sneezed at.

I reckon on an overall basis Red is pretty good all around, but Green is pretty skewed for HOTM


I’d be interested in hearing from the Ice voters.


I don’t know, even looking from a 4* perspective I think dark is lacking hitters. Tiburtus is the only one who hits, even though Rigard and proteus are great I think purple needs more hitters in 4* to compete for best color.


There’s some good ice heroes! Kiril Grimm and triton are the golden trio of 4* heroes. Boril is quite good too despite what people say. Sonya is solid. And ice has had some good HOTM like Alasie, Athena (I’m drawing a blank on any more right now…) Magni is good, Misandra is pretty good. Blue is a good color. I wouldn’t say it’s the best in the game over all. It looks very strong in 4* category though.

Well maybe, but hitters are common. Rigard and Proteus have rare skills


I went with dark because purple has just about everything.

Sniper - Sartana (and possibly a stronger one coming up)

Defense Debuff - Tibertus

Elemental Debuff - Panther (plus dispeller)

Heals and Cures - Aeron, Rigard and Sabina

Mana Controllers - Merlin, Hel and Proteus

Atk Buf - Khiona

Reflection - Boss Wolf and Cyprian

The only things I can think of that is missing is Blind and Def Buff

Victor has defense buff at very fast mana

Purple has great rare abilities, I agree. But it’s lacking fast mana and hitters in 4*. Tough to take down yellow tanks without a ton of purple tiles. Purple is the only attacking color where I think I actually need atleast 4 dark heroes in order to take down a yellow tank because you need tile damage to be super deadly. Sabina and proteus are kinda squishy and frequently die before they charge mana.


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