The Bearded Rooster Too - Recruiting

Looking to add some additional players after a few recent drop outs. The squad is mid-high level with 16 active players currently and a great place for either people breaking out from the beginner to mid tier level or for high level players looking for an organised squad with little maintennance beyond the game basics required. Quick breakdown below, if this suits your style I’d recomend the team; I joined just over 2 months ago and its helped me kick on massively.

Required trophies: 1600
Squad strength: Would recomend minimum 10 lv4 ascended for wars & titans. Top level players in the team have deep 5 star rosters.
Communication: Organised for war/titans and game queries. Not much general chat if that’s what your after.
Titan Level: Usually 7 or 8 currently.

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