"The battle is won" is recruiting


Alliance name: THE BATTLE IS WON
Number of players: 25/30
Cup requirements: 600

We are looking for active players, to have fun, share wisdom about the game and grow together.
Titan battles are warmly recommended, war is optional, just let us know and opt out whenever real life calls for it.

Our players levels are spread between upper 20’s and lower 40’s. we are normally battling 8* titans with the occasional 7* and 9*.

Group chat (STRONGLY recommended) uses “Line” app. We use this app to share spreadsheets, videos, pics, strategies, upcoming HOTM, upcoming events, etc. You can also show your lineup and ask for advice or give support/advice to others. Your gameplay will vastly improve by being in group chat.

If you like a “community” environment, we will be a great fit.

Join “The Battle is Won”.

My LINE id is “gimbo_ep”