The barbarian appreciation thread

Of the 10 talent classes, Barbarians are pretty much laughed upon. But it’s a niched class that works on specific game modes like titans and events. I want to start a thread where we can appreciate the bleed damage and how much potential it can actually do. So screenshot a pict of the fight to show the amount of bleed your barbarians did, the higher the better. Let’s appreciate our unsung barbarian heroes

I’ll start first then

I don’t know how much 1068 damage means to you, but it sure means a lot to me


Between Leonidas*, Malosi and Miki it’s also possible to do a lot of bleeding damage to Dark Titans.

What’s you highest bleed damage then?

I don’t have Miki but on the dark titan I went with Leonidas*-Malosi-Joon-Vivica-Ranvir and did around 2k bleed damage each turn with heavy item usage. If it weren’t for Ranvir’s misses it would have been a lot higher.

Very interesting topic, as I do feel that they don’t bring much as a class. I am flabbergast that you can have that much bleed damage. I did try to experiment a bit since reading your post, but I only manage to have like 33 bleed damage per turn. How do you achieve your numbers? Any tips? Do you need special heroes? I only have Guardian Kong as a 5* fully ascend and fully emblem barbarian. My others barbarians are all 4*…

I had over 3k per turn on purple with tekena leo Ranvir (not barbarian but made tile damage massive)

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I believe that high bleed damage is only available with mythic titans, the first time, since it gives the mythic aura bonus. You can also use more barbarians in the team. Since more barbs increases the chance to bleed the enemy and it stacks as well
And yes I too was shocked to see that much bleed damage at first

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The usual, defence down, element defence down, attack up. Basically anything that can maximise damage

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Did an impressive amount of bleed damage this time round.


Red Titans with Nordi and Jott I often see bleed stacking to 1000… Less barbarians VS purple and blue Titans but can still get to 300-400 with a single barbarian, it is a decent talent for fighting Titans.

hmmm, so with regular titans you could mana pot your barbarians at the get go and really add up some damage, interesting post, thanks for sharing.

I don’t specifically Mana pot the barbarians for bleeds, it is the tile damage triggered that causes it on chance… Jott amps the tiles and therefore amps the related bleed damage if it triggers

yeah I hear you, I was thinking more the mana pots to speed up defense down etc from the get go to accelerate and accumulate the bleed damage, I poorly worded my post in my excitement to try this new found technique.

Here is Nordri + Grimm + Jott bleed damage on a 11* titan. I like barbarians even in raids as sometimes they save me some tiles or special when I see an enemy with less than 100 HP (and not about to fire)


Following that thread, I decided to give Miki some barbarian emblems to increase the stack. And it paid off well.

New record for me!!!


Impressive…that’s 11615 dmg over 5 turns. :scream: if that’s not the coolest thing barbarians could do, I don’t know what is.


The thing about barbarians is that it’s a manual class. You need to work hard for that bleed damage to work. Barbarians also do have a use in raids. That small bleed damage could be used to check fighters from reviving


I don’t have screenshots, as even against Titans my Nordri can only manage a few hundred per turn…

but indeed, the bleed damage has come in useful, finishing off weakened mobs or taking out Fighters!

so yes, I will add my appreciation to the Barbarian class!


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