The Balanced aka Buff has been implemented silently

Wow. Just today saw that the Buff has been implemented live in Game, without any consent / consideration from Player’s Opinion.
The game is totally f.up

Summary : What’s the Point of making a :poop: Post to ask for others Opinion, if you just silently implement that. Lol

As I said in the other thread this just isn’t the case so I’m the interest of fairness I’m ensuring correct information is available.

The announcement said the update was due to go live at 9am GMT today and was never for consultation. A new thread was opened for discussion.

This is the same as all the other balance changes that have been before so no news or hysteria needed


Then there’s no need for :poop: thread from our Staff to even pretend they care at all by asking Opinions.
The game is F.up
And the staff is even more with their behavior

Like I said in previous thread

Safe your chit chat chit chat
Get to the point.
So just say it will be implemented regardless of Players Opinion.

Rather than just playing nicely and safe by making a thread asking Player’s Opinions. That’s BS

People had enough already by them not even give any specific answer with M.Tower and Omega.

Not silently. They announced it.

Even created a discussion thread for it.

You are correct it was done without input from players. But the general consensus seems to be they don’t listen to beta players in the first place anyways.


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