The awesome game crashed

During a raid I was moving tiles, and the game just closed. I started it again, raid lost. I would’ve won that raid!
First time in 8 months this has happened, from what I remember.


My game crashed during raid after the update too. Hasn’t crashed since though.

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Game crashed which costed 20 world energy… this is not funny !!!

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Mine crashed at the same time. I wonder why I am still bothering to play.

Game crashed during raid. Later it crashed just looking at the city. First time I’ve had this problem.

Since update this morning mine has crashed twice. This has never happened before.

Since update today game has crashed 3 times, during mission,raid. Lost everything in all 3. Bug in update

I’ve experienced crashes since the update. Each time I’ve lost energy and time.

It kept happening to me too. I use Bluestacks emulator of Android on my PC. Once I updated it to the last version it stopped. It is not a problem of the game itself I think but of the system or software you use.

IOS here, game crashed 4 times on me by now, also first time it happened. It was always at the end of a battle

For me it didn’t happen again. I was matching tiles pretty fast when it happened, I’ve been more patient since. Good thing I’m not trying to get into top 100 in the challenge, and that for titan I’m playing on another device anyway.

idem for me, the game closed randomly

True, after last update the game crach too much

Yep, game crashing very often after update

This is getting ridiculous. Has crashed 6 times by now, including in event and titan!

I got booted out of the game during raids twice today. Feel your pain.

This is getting ridiculous. Has crashed 2 times by now , (just today only).

Having the same issue. Mine has crashed about 8 times today alone. Have lost SO much world energy. Also raids, and wasted a titan flag. SG please fix this!

@Petri besides crashes many cannot even stay connected, is something in the works for this?

Mine crashed at first attempt for new titan. Have not had ever this much extra turns, but suddenly after one minute it crashed. This was after update, and hasn’t occured anymore.

Of Course not so happy :slight_smile: