The Average Players Need Some Love

While I agree…

“Love” comes in many forms… may want to be more specific …


Wow, people really think all to alliance players have every single hero? Jeez

Top 50 alliance here, 7dc. A few of us don’t have telluria. Most of us don’t have Finley or jabber. We have f2p players, we have players that spend less than $20 a month.

Tired of not winning? There’s over 1 million players in the game, what do you expect.


And there’s the rub. I 100% believe you. I’m gonna go back to hockey, here.

You guys are, for want of a better word, pros. We’re mostly “A Pool” rec league. That’s me, certainly, and it sounds like the OP is, too.

No, I don’t imagine every pro team has a Crosby, Ovechkin, or Markstrom clone, although it sure looks like it from here, because we face them all the bloody time. What we’re kind of shooting for here, is not to be injected with super-mega-star steroids… we just want to play against people in our league, and maybe go to the bulletin board by the front door and be like “Yo, we beat Bob’s Lightning Cats and Alice’s Purple Snow. We’re in second place!”

And maybe, also, to get a little sponsorship. The pro teams have money flying all over, you get gear for free, just for winning games with the already amazing gear you’ve got.

We don’t need a multi-million dollar deal, we’ll keep wearing our secondhand K-Mart specials. But a new stick every now and again would be nice, because they wear out and break. Like, maybe a fancy graphite one? Just every so often? A lucky stick to treasure for always?


Hey! You found a pic from my basic training platoon! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’m not going to pretend that I can prove anything, because I can’t. But I’ve been playing for a while now, and it does seem to me like:

If you lose enough times in a row, eventually you get a magical “pity” board where everything goes your way and you win without even trying.

If you win enough times in a row, eventually your boards turn so sour that you couldn’t kill a level 1 Aife if your life depended on it.

Have a read of this thread about the application process, SG normally open applications towards the end of each year.

Oi @Suzanne0905. Eu nunca gastei com esse jogo. Mas comecei há 6 meses. Tenho cinco grupos 5* somente, fico frustrado nas convocações, mas jogo pela diversão. Claro, quero ganhar é evoluir sempre, porém quando não se tem tanta ambição, o jogo fica mais leve. Sou um jogador bem fraco ainda.

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Every single hero? No. But majority vanilla? I seriously doubt it.
And that, I think, was the OP point.

Just stop spending, truth is the more “strong” you get whatever that means the more you will get matched with people that have spent money soo at that point is either enjoy getting destroyed or spend more money to keep up

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Are you sure? We have f2p players, the op spends 5x what i do. So my point is the op idea of ppl in top alliance means you are a big spender or have many of the best heroes is ridiculous.
Our 2nd best war hitter is a f2p player. Another f2p is regularly in top 5 in titan average scores.
Being in a top alliance just means that you can hang with the top players either though spending, hard work, or skills

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I believe you.
But for the sake of transparency, there should be a disclosure if it includes any heavy spender who switched to f2p.

We have 100% f2p that never spent. We have one that has spent a total of $15 for the valentine deals, which is basically the same.

That person who is our 2nd best war hitter, guess what? He has mostly s1 for the majority of his 5*. His was tank is elk, plain elk not costume

Me personally? Pov and vip. Before pov came, i also brought the 99 cent deals. So again, the op idea of top alliance members are all big spenders is absurd

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Good to know. :+1:
I know one of your f2p players, and am jealous of his Hel.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The mean player is probably very skewed compared to the median player.


It is really hard to tell what the average player is in the game. I imagine there are probably a huge mass of f2p/vc2p players that would make the average much lower than $50-100/mo.

However, with the current game mechanism, spending $50-100/mo really doesn’t give much advantage over being f2p. Yes, it bumps up your average number of pulls per month but not to a sufficient amount to overcome the vagaries of RNG and extremely low odds. You end up with more 4*'s, and a couple extra 5* in the long run. This is, I believe, the main source of the rage and frustration that we see all the time here about summons being rigged/unfair/etc. I do agree that is an unfair situation, but that is the situation we have. Unfortunately rageposting will have little effect on changing it. More effective is stopping spending the $50-100/mo until the situation changes and spending that actually achieves something.

For the record my average spending is somewhere around $1.50/mo.

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Just got this today. I hate to sneer at it because it’s the best element chest I’ve received in months. They used to be remarkable!

I wonder if adding Valhalla coins and Costume keys have displaced chances for 4* mats?
Either way, the cold shoulder is not encouraging my teammates or I, to spend money…


Here’s my input. Have a playet who joined my alliance a little over a year ago. His TP for his top team is 4300ish. Im somewhere at 3600tp with 2.5yrs under my belt. Im casual to pay to play. For most part is 90% free and i only buy the cheap event deals; the 1.99 and 2.99 offers. That runs me about 20ish an event so easily 200 for the year. If you spend the cash, you can level quickly as seen by the guy who joined the game not to long ago. He just pulled jabberwocky during wonderland. Unless you spend the cash, you will never place in the top or have the heros to reach top tier in this life time. Game is not designed for free players as it a cash cow. As I’ve said before, game has potential but only if they start working with us.

Interesting, I’ve been playing 2.5 years, spent less then you, and have a defense TP at 4360.

Am I sure? No, I’m not, and unless anyone ever takes the time to canvas all 3000 players in the top 100 alli, then no one will ever be sure.

I did say, regards the OP, that “average” is purely taken from each player’s perspective and is biased from their own experience within Empires.

I also have never said that F2P cannot, or has not, ever risen to the top. Good luck to them. But from my own observations, they are more of an outlier and not the norm. I don’t think that all high end players are whales either. They too are outliers.

I would be willing to speculate though that the majority of rosters at the high end of the game contain plenty of the HotM, Atlantis etc.

Just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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