The Average Players Need Some Love

I’m here to talk about the experience of an”average” player of Empires and Puzzles. Not an F2P player, not a Top 100 Alliance member, or a venerated Beta Player. A player who spends $50–$100 each month in order to make progress in the game, and have fun.
Of course, I’m talking about a player like myself! I’ve been active in this game for about two years. I have all of the 5* heroes of Season I. My Stronghold is sitting at Level 22. I don’t have an Alchemy Lab or a Hero Academy. I want to enjoy this game and meet all the great community members I can!
Here’s my dilemma: I despise the fact that the same people win the Challenge Events time after time. I detest the fact that these same folks will pull the Season III 5* heroes; when they are obsolete, I might pull one or two. I’m tired of trying to win Raids and Wars with my underpowered heroes for whom I can never pull a costume.

It’s getting worse. I used to cook up 5* heroes in my TC 20, all the time! Now it’s giving me 3* heroes. What’s the deal? During a Challenge Event like Pirates, I would nearly always pull a Challenge 5*, or a decent 4*. Now, if I’m lucky, I pull the token 3* of the Challenge.

SG, you keep players like me down, while rewarding the same group of players, over and over. If a player is in a so-called non-competitive Alliance—one that isn’t willing or able to run stats on everybody’s performance in War, Raids, Titan damage—they will never pull Jabberwock (forgive me if I misspelled his name).

I do look at the D Teams of these top Alliance members, and they all have Jabberwock, Telluria/Vela power combo, or Finley, Gravemaker, with the elusive Season III 5* heroes filling in gaps. I personally would give my left arm—I’m not sacrificing my dominant hand!—for the lovely Sif. I might pull her when there’s a Season 5 and she’s obsolete, which is when I finally pulled Guinevere.

Devs, please create a framework in which a level 60+ player, who just wants to enjoy your game and not analyze it to death, can become a Beta player, can get ascension mats, can win something other than a Summons token, in one of your Challenges.

Why not put players in rubrics, and consider groups of similar skill sets? Let the top 100s be their own group. Let me compete against players more similar to me in ability. And give me some opportunities, too. I’m a dedicated member of your community even if I will always be a mediocre player. And I want some love, too.


I’m sorry, I dont think you are describing an average player. Getting a 5 star event hero every event means you are either very lucky, or you do 100 pulls every event, wich seems far from what average players do. 50-100$ a month in spending is way more than most players spend if I’m listening to my common sense.


I could have wrote this post. Same here! Except I don’t think most average players spend as much…as for the players we always see winning I am really jealous of them as well, (but not jealous enough to replay boards constantly and devote that much time into an event) but when I think of how much money they spend to get those heroes, it tampers the jelousy down quite a bit. I myself am really weary of the game because of the blatant cash grabbing…the goblin balloon sealed the deal for me. I went from spending $50ish a month to just Vip and Pov and now looking at that balloon I haven’t renewed my ViP. I may do pov if I happen to need the 4*mat soon. But otherwise I’m done with that as well. Can remember last time I didn’t pay for a mat (excluding shrikewood,mt.umber etc.)

As for me, chasing any hero had stopped awhile ago, when I realized that even with my shiny new heroes,and all I invested in getting and leveling them, it made no difference. iF I got a bad board it was game over despite running a team of all “good” heroes… so now I pay almost nothing and truly happier for it…


Me stopped thinking about all this now.
Every one talks about RNG and randomness of the game.
But I’m seeing everything dead at the moment.
Me plays the game, if I get time or May be not.
Means sleepy mode activated towards E&P.


BTW I am in beta as well and it isn’t all it cracked up to be, it is definitely now what others think it is… Honestly it is just more work for nothing , they don’t even a acknowledge us it seems.


Sorry for the little off-topic, but… Is that an average player?


I think average players are mean.


I think the key to enjoying this game is to make peace with yourself. There will always be someone stronger than you, some hero that eludes you no matter how many pulls you make and most important, there will always be bad boards that will make lose no matter what heroes you bring to the battle. Just enjoy the game, no need to spend hundreds of dollars on rare heroes, no need to win every raid, every war, no pressure what so ever. If your alliance puts pressure on you, do this, do that, get this hero, etc., you’re in the wrong alliance.
And most important, the moment you stop enjoying the game is the moment you should quit. This is not a job, you don’t need it. Find something better suited if this one fails you.


I would classify elemental chests as rare. And giving up some “OP love” back in the day.
Lately tho… for about the last 4 months.
Is it just me or, have element chests transformed into fresh, hot, steaming piles of :poop:?

Whales are going to do their thing no matter what.
So, “The love” makes sense!
I would think love is another brilliant business move to keep players around. Encourage them!
Blow in their ear a little & tickle their bank accounts

I’m also feeling a cold shoulder…
And starting to wonder if the new players;
The “green fruit” population is tapering off.
So now it’s time to squeeze the ripe fruit


@Suzanne0905, when the next round of Beta applications come round, please do apply. If you’re willing to put the work in and don’t mind it all being a bit one-way, I think you’ll be a valuable addition. Many beta testers have been pushing for a wider variety of player levels. Although I’m not sure I’d call you “average” either :laughing:


I’ve played 3 years and do at least a 10 pull every month at the event + tokens earned. I also save all epic tokens (usually 20+) for quarterly event pulls. I don’t have a single 5* event hero in what likely amounts to 500+ pulls. I’ll trade for your luck. :joy:

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@Coloredkitten ~~ Thank you for writing this and sharing your experience, Coloredkitten! I so needed to hear this; it’s the impetus I need to “social-distance” from this game.

I would love to correspond with you again! I could definitely benefit from your wisdom and support.

@Zsj : Zsj, what I wrote is that I used to pull a 5* or a decent 4* during Challenge events. Not that I consistently pulled the 5* heroes. And yes, when you have been playing long enough, you’ll eventually pull the Season ONE 5* heroes—those in the Elemental Summons pulls that are nearly always active.
Had I never pulled any 5* heroes, I would have bailed on this game long ago.

I can understand your point about the “average” player; I suppose all of us have a different opinion of what that means, I’m sure.

I suppose my point is that the disparity between the Haves and Have Nots is becoming much more pronounced in this game, than it was when I first started playing.

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts; definitely food for thought.


You, Me, is probably a happier person for adopting that attitude! Thank you for responding!

@Soiden ~~ I actually don’t know! I’m trying to make a distinction between those folks who are F2P, and those who clearly spend much more than $100/month. And there are quite a few whom I have met in our community.

I suppose that the devs would know the average amount of money each (paying) player spends on the game. I was trying to give a reasonable example based on my own experience. Sorry if I am way off in my guess!


@XY3 : Awwww, I’m so sorry! Average Me tries to be nice, generally speaking!

PVP ranks should change IMHO. A very deep rework.

1º Implement score system like tournament. If you are defeated you lose the score according to the enemy TP Points earned and lost as defenders are halved. This way ranks will keep at least 1 day.

2º Weekly rewards can be considered.

3º Keep cups as a reward marker. Not a rank point.

As rewarding players… I think this game should introduce daily login rewards, becoming better and better each passing day. Even giving a random AM chest at day 30 of consecutive login.

Related to competition: I think there is no way to make the challenge equal for everybody. Spending, hours played… each player should compete against himself.


I think $50-$100 a month is a considerable amount, but I have no idea if that’s “average” or not around here, because I’ve seen several people post that they spend a lot more than that. I don’t even know what is considered “normal” in this game anymore. At this point, after all the interactions I’ve had on here, it’s probably safe to say that I’m very much abnormal and below average. :man_shrugging:


@Ian487 : I completely understand what you’re saying, and I agree with much of it. However, the point I am attempting to make, and which I didn’t see you address in your response, is that I am not talking only about me, in my post.

As the thread title states, I am trying to discuss the issue of disparity. In this game, I believe there are “Haves” and “Have Nots”. And I also believe that the game developers determine who is in which category.

Further, I believe that having a system of Haves and Have Nots is wrong, and that a system should be created that mitigates it.

If my experience in this game sucked and I had become some sort of Alliance workhorse, I would have moved on long ago, trust me.

And I have sufficient life experience to realize that “there’s always someone better than” me, in any given situation.

That’s not the issue here. I’m trying to shed light on a bigger issue. I guess I failed to explain it well, though.

I do value and appreciate your feedback!


@Pompitous ~~ I was feeling you , but you lost me somewhere, and I don’t see you proposing a solution.
I think you over-focused on the Love thing, dude!

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