The Autumn Wind


We are looking for 1 or maybe 2 people that love alliance wars and love fighting titans. Some of us also compete in the events so another person to compare scores with is a plus! Currently we are fighting against 10* titans, occasionally downing a 11*. LINE app is also very convenient and useful but not required if you regularly check chat and pay attention to the alliance message.

For alliance wars we have some specific strategies and also come together to coordinate attacks on the LINE app in order to get some nice pancake flipping action going on. We are not overbearing, if you can’t coordinate you are still free to attack whenever you want but we must ask that you actually use all 6 attacks.

Anybody who is interested come search us up at The Autumn Wind. If you have any questions go ahead and post a reply on here and one of us will get back to you. If you have LINE app please talk to our leader at:
LineID: uziguzi


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Looking for a great player that loves war and Titans. Currently taking on 10* titans so if you think you can handle that come join us!