The Autumn Wind


Been in this alliance for like 6 weeks now and it’s tons of fun. Very welcoming, interactive, strategizing, goofing around… in all parts of the game… sharing raid videos, Titan hits, event strategies and scoreboards for places to improve, ascension suggestions… it’s fun! Come join us


We are full for now!!!

Thank you!



It’s not just us, others think so, too :laughing:
@uziguzi @Adri @Stugots


Open spot for a dedicated daily player who likes to win and joke around a bit. Let us know. :sunglasses:


Join up in time for war! We’re undefeated :grin: and also we’re sharing event level scores and strategies going for the leaderboard :+1: fun fun


Still undefeated in wars… and we have 4 players on the various event leaderboards this time around.
2 spots open for fun active players who want to come join the march towards the top100. We have a lot of fun joking around :smile:


One open spot! This is your opportunity to join an incredibly fun alliance. We won all the wars sine the alliance was created, and we are up to 10* Titans.
Contact us on line or just come check us out.

Our leader is uziguzi on Line.

We Love this game!



We are full for now! I know! That was fast!

Thank you everyone!


We have room for you!

We work together to get stronger everyday! We are all very active and, most of all, we have a lot of fun .

Come over! We are waiting for you ! :heart:

(Line ID: tigre_14)



Looking for a group who likes to play this game as much as you? The Autumn Wind wants you to be a part of our friendly and winning team. 9*/10* titans and undefeated 21-0 in war. We’re usually full at 30/30, but we have one spot open right now.



Hey, just wanted to tag you here. We are a really organized and supportive alliance. We’re 23-0 in war and slay 9*/10* titans. We communicate on Line in addition to the in-game chat.

Honestly, I think you’d be strong enough for 10* but if you don’t feel comfortable with that, I’d understand. When you have 30 people hitting, it doesn’t seem so hard. Your level and depth would fit right in with the rest of the alliance and you’d do well.

We are totally addicted to the game too. I think you’d like it with us. You can Line chat me (uziguzi) or find us in game if you want. The Autumn Wind would love to have you.

Thanks, Greg. :blush: Hope you find a great alliance, even if it isn’t ours.



Hey, forum friends – we’re looking for one, maybe two who are very dedicated, like to win, and enjoy joking around a bit. It is a game after all. A game that we all love.

Line message me for more details or come apply in game. Thanks! :grinning:



Autumn Wind is a great alliance! @RedPython why don’t you take a look around this page and have a talk with my leader and see if we are what you are looking for.



We have 2 open spots. This doesnt happen often so this is your chance to join this awesome alliance.
Now fighting 10* Titans, we really enjoy this game and we have been having a Blast in wars!

Come check us out!! :sparkling_heart::kissing_heart:

The Autumn Wind


Yeah! Having fun again in the war!!!

Come over! We still have one more open spot.

Rare 10* titan is up with some rings and can get ready for next war with us.



We are full!
Thank you all!



Hello everyone!!!

And a new spot has been opened!
We are fighting usually 10* Titans and sometimes an 11*.

Friendly alliance, very active and helpful we would Love to have you with us.

Come over and check us out or contact us on Line, if you need further info.

Cheers! :heart_eyes::grin::sparkling_heart:



One open spot !!!

Come check us out and join this friendly alliance.



We are looking for one solid player, willing to make part of a very active alliance.
After 130 days of existence, this alliance has become very friendly, but also engaged on our challenges.
By doing that we have been climbing our way to top 100 alliances without the crazyness or micromanagement philosophy.

Since we are facing 10* Titans on daily basis and our opponents in wars are very challenging , we are looking for someone who can manage that.

We Love to chat and have Line groups that really help our communitication and organization.

Please contact us in Line, for further info or join us. We would Love to have you.

Be part of The Autumn Wind Family.