The Autumn Wind is recruiting!


We’re currently looking for three new members who will be active by using all attacks! We had some members retire and need replacements :slight_smile:


@Gbenyon check us out! We’d love to have you and happy to help you grow if you want too :slight_smile:


Looking for some new blood! Taking down 10s currently need a couple of daily hitters to push us to 11. Bloodthirsty warmongers are also a perfect fit!


Looking for eager active players! We will train you and don’t mind if your team is weak right now, we’ll help you get stronger. Taking down 10* titans so be warned you might be in for a beating!


We are open for new 4 members, who love to smash 10* titans and win wars. Check us out today and become a part of your new E&P family :slight_smile:


Looking for 4 players who are extremely active! We don’t mind if you get a bad board we just want you to use all your war flags and titan flags. We are also very helpful and out LINE groups are full of information and advice!


@Little_book_of_calm If you have some time come check us out. We really value participation the most so that means using all war and titan flags. We are currently on 9*/10* titans so it might take a little getting used to but we don’t mind helping you both learn. We use LINE app so if you have it my username is dmp505 (thats a zero).


@DMP Hi! Thank you for an invntation!
You guys sound cool)
But I try to be realistic – 9*, 10* titans would finish us in a sec! Our damage would be nothing, about 1000, I think…
Now we deal with 7-8* titans and it is still a real struggle. The damage is about 3-5K only…


I think you might be surprised with what you can do :slight_smile: We’re happy to train you up! It takes some getting used too but the better loot is well worth it!

We have some more spaces after being full for a while! Experienced and learners alike will find that they like it here :slight_smile:


@ElToneo come check us out at The Autumn Wind! We are currently on 9/10* titans and we value participation the most so are looking for very active members.