The Autumn Wind is recruiting!


Me and DMP are top 30 in epic right now. Lots of screenshotting and trashtalking going on. Nacho is trying to keep up. Join us if you love the events, we all do better as a group sharing scores and tactics and motivation! Come join the fun and watch DMP place below me on the scoreboard yet again!


Didn’t even notice you posting this. The bet was COMBINED average on epic and rare! You need at least less than 200 ranking in rare to beat me!


Number 60 and 62 on EPIC! We need someone else to join us that is competitive but willing to have fun!


Looking for one more member to bring us back to full strength! Still taking down 10*s


Join now we need 1 more person. We also have free green juice! Unlimited lifetime supply if you join!


One spot just opened up! We’re a fun group seeking an active member! We’re fighting 10* titans and have won 10 straight wars. We’re 6-0 since the war chest was added. Join now to open it up in two weeks time with high participation!


We are now FULL! Now you gotta wait to join us!


We are open for business! 3 spots open! Hop in now while the hopping in is hot!


Best decision i’ve made in the game was joining this alliance, these guys/gals are awesome!!! best part is they actually want to help you be the best player you can be


Still looking for 3 awesome people who are willing to put on the same war faces/avatars, no matter how creepy cough Friar Tuck cough to intimidate our foes.


Two spots available! We’ve been in the top 100 before and always have a few members who place top 100+ in events. We win almost all wars too! We’re happy to help you develop your teams, so don’t feel like you’re not good enough! We like to have fun! It’s a game after all!


Only one spot left! Don’t miss out on you chance to increase your enjoyment of the game by being with us!


@theStranger Hey, you said you are a serious player in a not so serious alliance, and if you ever feel out of place you can check on us. No pressure :slight_smile:


Thank you for know I have a few family members in my current alliance but if they ever drop out I will definitely look you guys up. :slight_smile:


Sure, visit us anytime :sunny:


We need 1 more member! Join The Autumn Wind now and get a free lifetime membership opportunity redeemable whenever you want to join The Autumn Breeze, our home for vacationers and retirees!


@Bigga Check us out! We are currently on 10* titans, great crew and war is up to you just be sure to opt in or opt out. If you opt in we expect you to use all your flags. If you have more questions my LINE ID is dmp505.


Looking for 3 members! Regularly on 10* titans and we don’t mind if you’re still learning. We need your help and would love to teach and help you get better as well. LINE is preferred but if you’re active enough and keep up with the alliance description you’ll do great.


@Lungie1 we are currently looking for 3 members so you and your friend would be a perfect fit! Although you might struggle at first getting used to 10* titans and fighting in war as long as you are willing to try we are willing to help you grow. If you have LINE app add me dmp505 for further questions


@Rigor participation is number one for us! We would love to help you grow and get better at this game. We are currently on 10* and we don’t mind if it takes a bit to find your footing we just ask that you use all your titan and war hits. Our LINE group is also very helpful with tons of information and people to ask questions about. Come check us out: The Autumn Wind