The Automatons - Just the Game, Nothing Else


The Automatons - If you’d like to join an alliance that only plays the game, come join us.

The Automatons - We don’t know where you are from or your real name or what you do.

The Automatons - We’re just here to play the game civilly, courteously, well, fight the titan and move forward. Want tips? Happy to help. Need advice on getting your dog to sit up and beg? Don’t be surprised if no one answers.

The Automatons - We’re not antisocial. We just respect the limitations of the Internet and all we want to do is play a game that requires cooperation with other players. If you feel the same - and we know you’re out there searching - we’re here. The Automatons. If you want something different, we wish you the very best on your search for the alliance that fits you.

The Automatons - open membership, 600 trophies required.

The Automatons - Join us.