The Are You Sure About that pop up

Tired of loading up your raid squad, going to battle, and getting few, if any, of the properly colored tiles? Now there is a pop up for that. Whenever your mono lineup is about to get no tiles, an Are You Sure About That wink wink, nudge nudge alert will pop up.

Why should SG grace us with this alert? Because it is boring to enter a raid with no tiles of the proper color. Because it could help mitigate the hit/miss feeling raids often have, similar to slots. Because 20 emblem tanks are so widespread common place that you really need at least 3, if not 4 or 5 heroes of the same color for your tiles to help. Mostly, because we asked for it.

Should we have an Are You Sure About That alert?
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  • No

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how is it possible there are more no’s than yes’s. Thats crazy.

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Yeah, right, that’s exactly what this game needs - more popups.


What this request actually asked for is a way for mono to know the start board was rubbish so they could hold back and try again. Well, that’s exactly how I read it.

You know the risks already playing mono…you don’t need another screen warning you of that or a way to know that the start board is poor.

You play mono then you roll the dice and you take your chances.


LOL. I am a monouser myself. But regrettably, this is one feature I don’t want to implement. Like any other attack strategy, one needs to just get used to it. Besides, I won’t rely to a pop-up formulated by the A.I. Too many pop-ups in the game already and this may only contribute to us being distracted by such. I would respectfully prefer the current one we have.

Plus any Seasoned mono player knows that the start board isn’t the be all and end all. Sometimes you have to play through a poor start. That’s part of the challenge of playing this way. It’s not all about having an instant match at the start and smashing them to bits. Sure you want that but the reality is you need to play the board and grow into a match sometimes.



You summed it up pretty pretty pretty nicely hitting the bull’s eye.

I guess the pushback here is that e&p has changed dramatically since ninja tower. Emblems are suddenly a lot cheaper, a lot more abundant, a lot more available. You see them in the goblin balloon bundled as 100 emblems, you see the challenge event reward emblems are substantially higher… it is raining emblems. This means that we are seeing level 20 emblemmed tanks on almost all defense teams north of 2600 trophies. Certainly, almost every defense I’ve seen has had not only level 20 emblemed tanks but also flanks.

On the flip side, even though it is raining emblems, it’s not pouring emblems, and the entirety of my roster isn’t level 20 emblemmed, not even close.

It flat out doesn’t make sense to do raids with less than 3 or 4 heroes of one color. The tiles simply won’t do damage when you’re talking about just 1 or 2 of a color.

If that is the new meta, thats fine, it beats seeing nothing but gtv like earlier this year, but come on, at the very least, let us save some time and not go into a board where the tiles are already stacked against us.

Again, pvp in this game serves only 3 purposes 1) is for fun, 2) is to fill the mission chest every day to keep us coming daily as a habit and 3) is to serve as a platform for more game modes like raid tournaments and alliance wars.

Well, let’s be honest, 1) it is more fun to always have a fighting chance, 2) there is a lot less time to fill mission chests nowadays that we have so much more content in the game and 3) not asking for the pop up before raids and wars, just for the basic pvp gameplay.

Cmon guys, recognize an obvious quality of life improvement when it is put in front of you.

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Raid tiles are not generated by a separate RNG.

What you’re saying is “give me a pop-up that allows me to skip a bad board by doing 8-7 once instead”.

Besides, previewing values is not how RNG works, and it would take a metric ton of effort to code it to determine whether or not the board is good for your chosen team.

Hard pass on this one, chief.

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20 :man_facepalming: characters


1,500 emblems per 5 * +20 and some people I know have 50-60 5 *s. Factor in 3 and 4s and that’s 100,000 emblems!

I don’t think there is a single person in this game with even 1/2 their roster on +20 emblems. What a bizarre issue to raise.

Absolutely YES! I want to win every single time with no risk of losing whatsoever so no skill or roster is required. I want no frustration or challenge. Just an easy win button every - single - time. Heck, why not just sell Loot tickets for raids while we’re at it. Wanna be #1? Just use loot tickets. Oh and add another pop up for those too.
Yes this is absolute sarcasm, but loaded with truth. An Easy Button for anything ruins the challenge and thus, the fun as well. Working through a crap starting board and being down early to end up with the win is rewarding. On the reverse we’ve also all had the amazing starting board that dies off after the first few matched which is frustrating. RNG, love it or hate it does balance out over the long haul. Reward through frustration and challenge provides more dopamine to the brain as well! As always, just my sarcastic $0.02


hmm I think we are all on a different wave length here but thats fine.

I would just point out that the pvp implementation and daily raid chest feature pre-date the vast majority of what’s baked into the game these days.

I think it could be minimized and the game would be more fun, that is all.

Nah, just you are on a different wavelength.

Ooooh, I’ll vote for this! Can I vote eleventy-one times too?


@Davisu_Bratto sometimes trolls be trolling

Sorry. I don’t understand.

Are you trying to troll with this thread?

want to join the beta force

me too… better beta me up

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