The alt account survey

I am actually the alt account for @zephyr1

Like a demonstration of the right (How Zephyr1 plays) & wrong (How Voidstrike plays) way of how to play E&P?

Have you seen the movie Split? Zephyr is one personality and Voidstrike is another personality… you don’t want to meet the others.


My main is lvl 60 right now and my alt 57. In rare and epic tournaments my alt is my main :slight_smile:


There are those in my alliance with three alt accounts. All those alt accounts are in the alliance, which affects my ranking for titan loot.

@voidstrike, that’s interesting and also slightly terrifying. But as long as you both leave my SH alone, I’m good with it!! :wink:


What about your watch tower, can we have that?


A friend of mine bought such vac and it should clean while he was at work. His dog became urgent and therefore he needed new carpets everywhere. The machine distributed the bequests throughout the entire apartment.

Only one account. Would rather play sth else than a 2nd, but only have enough time for 1 and like to read and write here, too.

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Time to hit the road.


I laughed. I said that once and got called out by zephyr I think. “Don’t care about your SH, you should worry about your watch tower”, or words to that effect.


Haven’t logged into it for months. It’s at about level 10. I realised the astronomical number of hours I put into my main account and just don’t have the stomach to go through it all again.


I have an alt account that doesn’t get played, but is used to hang on to an alliance I can retreat to when I feel like being solo and don’t have enough free time to be in an alliance that has high participation requirements.


Ehhh I don’t have anything in there @Saphirra, they can have whatever morsels they may find :joy:


Had two alts when I was a co-leader in a previous family of alliances. Rarely log into them now that I’ve left that alliance. My main is enough of a time sink with all of the newest aspects of the game.


Yeah just happened to see ALT Accounts and answered survey (sometimes I spend more on the ALT as to get them in position to stay with the team moving forward).

Little BaD BoY


Finally got his Legend Raid D/WarD in position for Classing...

He shot his load in 1st 2 flags with heavy clean and 1-shot attempt on a heavy team… so had to assemble what could for next 4 flags as follows:

Now what is odd (vs just having this fair alt - as a decent CLEANSER ha ha) is the minis that I have had to create

  1. GRIMM to hold down the TM Container of old
  2. DreamKiller to get my $8 credit (one of those days I guess form Google Play - and then I didn’t get the credit it wasn’t there after wading through the have to play to a point before it leaves you alone - THEY SHOULD REALLY turn that off… or give you an option).

Good thing is both these accounts are completely F2P (except DreamKiller thought I was getting a Gem Pack for DS 1x)…

I spent between the 2 approximately 7hrs straight taking them from basically nothing to where they are now (which isn’t very far but I actually enjoyed that as opposed to having 46 Maxed 5* and 35 Maxed 4* and still getting my ■■■ wholloped (a war a go). Did a 4OS/2C last and hope to come back today to do some dAmAGe with RAZOR!

p.s. They had CUPS when I left those 2 alone in the castle I swear…

@PapaHeavy (yo Papa!) @nevarmaor @Olmor
@FrenziedEye (thanks for the poll)


My alt got suspended and blocked. True story.

My alt is totally f2p… I started it to see how tough it was for the f2p people is main alliance. It is now over 2 yrs old and sits in a vacation alliance so it doesn’t matter if I hit titans etc. (only 2 -3 active people in alliance)
I like the super relaxed nature of it, but occasionally I visit main to give some Titan hits if we are struggling (the alt has a better green team than main).
And that’s the interesting thing… I have pulled far more HoTMs from tokens here than on main (mind you, MokArr anyone?) and I got two Evelyn s here… whereas it was the only HoTm I really chased on main and missed out. I learned my lesson and am now c2p on that account

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That was a total vague statement Furious! Do we want to know why @sft1965 - or is it best left under the rug? lol… :nauseated_face: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :robot:

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This one!:wink:
20 good conduct affirmations


Thank you - Razor

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