The "Alliance Quest" is destroying our Alliance. How are you with this?

Yeah our alliance is pretty low pressure. The only ask is that everyone makes an effort to use all their flags if they attack in war. If the devs don’t do anything to help us, I would really appreciate getting alliance names so we can consider jumping in at least for the alliance quests.

The Alliance Quest definitely has me looking for a new alliance. We didn’t have enough people to get off level 1. I just want to play with enough people to win stuff.

Your group sounds like mine. I just want to win more stuff at higher levels. I need ascension items. I also spend money on this game, and the only way to recoup is to win lots of stuff.

You will never recoup your money. So if this is a concern…
On the other hand if you get enough fun out of the game that it is worth for you to spend…
Just be careful. It is really easy to spend to much money and regret it later!

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For those who asked, I’m in Canis Bellum.

I guess I’d rather enjoy it here than “lend” it to my kids. Lol. I love the game, I would just like to win titans, wars and things like the alliance quest. We got 1.2 million on the alliance quest, not even halfway to getting to the second level.

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That’s twice what we’ve generated! :joy:

You are not in a “no pressure” alliance you are in a dead alliance. I don´t understand why you would stay there, just join any actual “no pressure” alliance. There are tons of those out there that would be happy to find another active player. And depending on your level (double of basically nothing doesn´t say very much), you can always find something that fits your level. Of course you can´t play the big guy anymore there, because other people will be stronger than you, but instead you can just finish the alliance quest and chain 14* (or whatever level you want) titans and overall just don´t get bored out of your mind playing by yourself.
And you are not doing your current “alliance” any favour either, because you increase their war difficulty to a level they can´t cope with, so probably you are responsible for part of the unused war flags. Once you are gone their wars will be a lot easier and hopefully more enjoyable.

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We actually do win wars. Sometimes we lose wars only because of unused flags. Sometimes I’m not the best scoring ally.

And as for 14* Titans? Thanks but no thanks- I’m already running on near zero resources for Titan-fighting facing Titans up to 6*. I’m having to scrounge for mats to make Harpoons, and I’m out of the better mana-producing battle items.

This quest is annoying. Levels shouldn’t be locked and redoing previously done levels should give the chance of coin drops.

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Of course you win every other war or so. You can´t avoid that. The more you loose, the easier your opponents, can´t avoid winning eventually. Same in the other direction the more you win the harder opponents you get and then you loose. That´s a given no matter where you are.

If you play in an active alliance you need less mats, because everybody contributes. 14* or 6* titans makes no difference. I hardly use any mats on titans at all. For rare titans we have a “200k damage max” rule otherwise no rules at all. The titans die and that´s that, if I feel like it I can use a Tornado or 3, but usually I use no items at all. With 3 flags I tend to get around 200k damage anyway and that´s all you need for B loot. If I don´t make it, C loot is basically for free and not much worse than B (same for mats).
As for Harpoons, stage one is 21 harpoons (I think) that means 20 people throwing 1 harpoon, you get that from PoV alone, no need to make any at all.

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We’re doing well enough in wars. I don’t keep track of percentages, but I know we’re beating alliances with multiple opponents fielding higher power defenses than my own (5200+). So my teammates are definitely punching up.

As for Titans & battle items, I won’t contradict you because I’d be wrong. But again, we’re a small alliance that has taken down only 1-2 6* Titans in my years as a member. Those represent a challenge for us, but there’s still no pressure other than our individual goals. It’s fine for casual players.

…which is probably why we’re not being traumatized by the rigors of the Alliance Quest.

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I sympathise, having loyally tied myself to a similar alliance. Fancy a merger? :upside_down_face:

MT isn’t worth getting het up about (nor us anything in game): its purpose is to guilt trip players on strong alliances into spending on their fellow alliance members, an aim at which it no doubt excels.

I’m not the alliance leader, just a member. Merger talks would have to go through them, not me. :+1:t4: