The All Grimm death metal band- And other bands battling them this Friday Night!


3 Vivicas +2 Grimms would give you Babymetal. One of my favourite Jmetal bands :heart_eyes:


Orphaned Assassins of Night Time
While the two lead singers were very wound up the night of my review, they were a ray of light at an otherwise dank, and wet, musical competition.

They contrasted with the ramming vocals of the melancholy back up trio who seemed to lower your defenses only for the entire band to slam into you with holy shi. . . .elds reducing your healthy appreciation for life to almost zero.


I cant WAIT for your hit debut Album: “RAMMING PULVERIZER”!!!


Hells Angels Chapter Zalthu :cold_face:


I need names for these bands…

Bring it…

(Feel free to use the pic)


The Last Straw
Unfortunately the event was canceled half way through their debut concert as the crowd kept hitting on this rumored to be gorgeous singers forced to wear masks.

They definitely raged against the dying of the light before management was forced to bring out the bouncers Sonya and Caedmon.


Oh my F ing God! That made me snort wine up my nose!


Gato raid? Lol


The Namahages are Slipknot :wink:


The Gatos could be Stray Cats


An oldie but a goodie… May I present, ‘the ■■■■■ cat dolls’


Chochina chochina for the all chochin band.


Kelly Family


Do they sing Christmas songs? They clearly have the appropriate color scheme.


But Mother North sadly died first. :roll_eyes: :innocent:


I finally got all girl band with excellent support group!

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4 Banes and a kungfu panda

Asian death metal band


The Goth Girls


@zephyr1 - I think your superpower is necessary here…

merge with The All Grimm death metal band- And other bands battling them this Friday Night! ?


Merged. :heart_decoration: