The All Grimm death metal band- And other bands battling them this Friday Night!


I think the misfit is khagan… everyone else brought their own horns!

He’s stuck them on a hat and is hoping the others don’t notice…or get offended by his blatant cultural appropriation!


Belith has horns.

Still not a moderator


Omg! I never noticed that Belith has horns! LOL

I also like the idea that Khagan is a poser cause it is only a hat.


Rigard and the Rammers


The @Petri’s


I heard they do covers of They Might be Small Giants, Dragon Tile Force and Iron Storage Maiden, but they’ve also had hits with Hawkmoon 269 and Diamonds are a Player’s Best Friend


Sonny and Cher


By request, King and the Kongs!


Can any one do a whole team of orc/goblin characters

The Mor-doors? Son of d’ork? Greensleeves?


Here you go. ELO, the Electric Light Ork-estra. They do a collaborative version of It’s Not Easy Being Green with Kermit the Frog


That was so much better than my ideas. Sincerely brilliant @NPNKY :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Like this?

What shall be their name?


Skittle Mix!

I expect they have similar musical ability to this bunch…

Great job Sorsha!

P.S. they also have a green tank…stack red to destroy Little Mix!!!


I finally found the Kings Of Metal! MANOWAR!! :metal::metal::metal:


…and also Arc Enemy!


Those are surprisingly accurate :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Horghall and the Horghalls. Acoustic only.


Very strong woodwind section, I imagine


I have reconsidered my position, and removed my ‘like’ from your last post. You’re better than that.


Egad, I should have twigged you’d be a hard taskmaster. I was just about to :heartbeat: your post on matchmaking too! Sorry to palm off some subpar puns.

Ok, ok how about:

Horgall and the Horgalls

  • the very best in ENTertainment
  • influences include the Beechboys and Yew2
  • playing Mozart, Beethoven and Bark

Anyway, I should probably trunkate this post before it branches off.

Hopefully you’ll be rooting for me next time