The All Grimm death metal band- And other bands battling them this Friday Night!


If you have 4 Wu and an Arthur, you have King and The Kongs


As @Paulon said, they stick around till you spend them. I was saving for a while for a HOTM that I really wanted. I dumped them all and cried my eyes dry… so sad… (unhappy face emoticon)

Lol. Luck is a part of this game. I got a stupid amount of Grimms and a Kagen. Not bad. I’ll spend real money during the event and get her.


@Bud… I thought my all Vivica kpop band was the coolest idea… but King and the Kongs is soooooio much cooler. My hat is off to you.


After reading this thread I find myself wishing I’d kept a couple more of the extra Jackals I got in the last event. Then I would have the Howlings. I’m just left to console myself with my 5 man self-inspiration party of Lancelots.


Lancelots…emo or shoegazers


The White Hairers



My problem is I have the Kongs…
No king




This thread is great. Unfortunately I cannot add anything to it at this time.

I have 2 Grimm, 2 Melendor, and 2 Li Xiu. One day I will get the band back together.



“Undead Heroes benefit for graves lacking tombstones.”
Headlining, The Pirates
Medic, Sabina


ROFLMAO :joy::joy::joy:


Take that! May I introduce you to my Boyband Leo and the Chao Brothers. Hey and they’re all looking in One Direction!!


May I introduce The Zoo


They’re opening for an all-girl band, the Prima Donnas


Please welcome the E&P Spice girls

Hippy Spice!
Anime Spice!
Angry Spice!
Corpse Spice!
And… err well… Village People Spice?


This could also be the cast from GREYs Anatomy!


Does that qualify as 4 non blondes?


I blew it, I should have had Guinevere in the middle.


Ok, so I pour my heart and mind into player guides. They are really hard to write and I am getting close to finishing “Raiding in the top 1000,PT3”. My brain is exhausted doing this…

But for fun I start this silly topic, and it is my most popular. RMAOL

But really, I do love this topic