The AI is Becoming Smarter Again And Again

That’s a fair point, but I suspect that they’re not doing too much of that. If you look at what they’ve rolled out recently, it’s mostly not around changes to how the AI operates, it’s on things like new game content and the matchmaking algorithm.

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Lately, it was the same in raid and farming. The AI will repeatedly target your hero with lowest health. At times, avoid hitting a single riposte like Obakan too. Not to mention going for a kill of your highest mana heroes.
But that is what makes the game more challenging and interesting.

Perhaps read it more carefully. Everyone keeps claiming that it’s a new thing. Over and over again, for 2 years.

How is it possible for the AI targeting healers to be a new thing in July of 2017, and a new thing in August 2018, and a new thing in December 2018, and a new thing in February 2019, and a new thing in March of 2019, and new thing in May of 2019?

Or the targeting of key heroes, which was reportedly a new thing in December of 2018, and March of 2019, and also May of 2019, where it was apparently definitely new in v20?

Or the targeting of Wu, which was claimed as a new thing in August 2018, and then again a new thing in December of 2018, and also a new thing in April of 2019.

So the argument that the AI is continuously improving just doesn’t hold water.


Maybe the AI is like that movie where the computer takes over everything… 2010 space odessy, Terminator and Who’s Johnny. It’ll overtake raid tourneys, event challenges and world rankings…kick Zero from the app, Big Brother the forumns … we better get SG to dumb it down before it’s to late! P.S. maybe we could fix it from killing all our defences from hitting the Riposte active attackers though


The AI is more Johnny 5 from Short Circuit than HAL. They should totally upload it to Skynet:

“Oh no! It’s going to bomb our major population centers while we’re defenseless!..Wait…Hmmm…it appears to have put 12 nukes into Cawker City, Kansas, home of the world’s biggest ball of twine.”



+1000x :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Target poor environment

I love glass cannons and double healers ( see notes ).

I do think the AI is targeting more healers, because the Devs have added more healers as the game progressed ( see notes).

Glass cannons ( Wu Kong, Grimm, Little John, Jackal, Joon ) are more vulnerable to sequential attacks. So randomly targeting them twice in a row ( 1 in 25 chance ) has a better chance of killing them.

Season 1

Before Season 2 was introduced, I had not passed 1.10-6 because the best farming was 1.8-7 ( according to the forum. I had yet to discover 1.7-4, 1.7-7 and 1.12-9 ) which I could easily auto play, so AI targeting was irrelevant.

As I increase my roster, I have switched to zero healers and attack all enemies and attack multiple enemies ( 5* 2.60 Kadilen fast replaces 4* 4.70 Little John slow, 5* 2.60 Azlar slow, 4* 3.60 Hu Tao slow, 5* 2.60 Thoth-Amun fast )

Season 2

But with Season 2, @BarryWuzHere discovered 2.15-8H ( my account needs battle items to complete ) and 2.15-9N ( my account cannot auto play). Suddenly I cared a lot more when my healer was killed.


Click for notes


Wow. Update 1.5 explains so much about the meta game. For example:

The addiction of 4* items to rare quests. For old quests see (

Kadilen, Little John and Kashhrek never did fit the rest of the Classic 4* / 5* heroes.

Increased chance of common herbs in 1.8-7


([Suggestion] 3* Healers)

( [Play Style] The cascade squad or Wu Kong+ two healers- New Notes 2019-Mar)



That is perfectly normal and explainable with new players.
With 3* and below it really doesnt matter if the AI targets or not, the teams are overall weak so attack patterns are not that imortant for the player.
But then they start getting 4* and 5* heroes and start leveling them up and thats when these patterns start to be really visible because you notice that your 4* fully ascended hero with emblems is destroyed in less time then it takes to say “I like big boots and I cant deny”.

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So, your theory is, if your 3* healers keep getting killed first, you just don’t notice it because…why again? I mean, weaker offenses are MORE reliant on healing, not less.

Yes, yes, most people clearly wait until their new heroes are fully ascended and emblemed before introducing them on offense. And they always level complete 4*/5* offenses all at once, so the changeover to using 4* and 5* is a sudden event and a real shock to the system.

Wait, that’s not at all what happens, essentially EVER. Unless someone is a whale and spends their way instantly to a maxed roster, they will introduce their new heroes soon after they get them, and use them regularly.

Also, these by and large aren’t new players making these observations, nor were they at the time. So your theory doesn’t hold water on either side.


I agree that the AI is very smart, but only the opponents AI. When I am farming I have noticed that many (if not most) tile matches are dumb. I don’t know how many times I have started the level, immediately hit auto without looking at the board, and right before the AI makes it’s selection, I see a possible diamond. Does the AI choose it? The answer is almost always no. In fact, many times there were two moves that would have made it, with only one missing it, and what move would it make? The one that misses it. Sometimes the AI will make one, but most of the time it misses it.

You are dead right on this, when it comes to making the right move to make diamond with tiles on map’s auto , It bemused me most of the time as I watch AI committing such abysmal blunder.

Perhaps, in that case it was only programmed to make basic moves.

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From a programming perspective, the amount of effort required to code a decent attacking AI is huge compared to the defending one.
But it isn’t impossible to do, it just requires a lot of time and code lines.

I always found the bad autoplay AI was a design choice to prevent players from using it too much. Make the AI play better than the players, and we’ll use that every ■■■■ time.
Instead, IMHO, they opted for a compromise: want to farm while doing other stuff? You get a basic AI so bring a powerful team. Want the level to be played best? Play it yourself.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


@Gryphonknight, your posts are always impeccably thorough. Legendary hat-tip to you, sir.


@Garanwyn, have you considered that possibly we are stuck in a time loop? (think Groundhog Day)


More Happy Death Day



The AI is anything but very smart. It will often leave an attacker with 1 HP alone to take slashes at someone else near full health, allowing heals to save that attacker. It will target equal strength splash attacks (like GM) at the corners. It doesn’t drop a defense debuff on the same heroes it then snipes.

Saying that it’s probably not completely random is not the same as asserting that it’s very smart.


Every time there’s a server outage, my friend. Every last time.

@Gryphonknight Groundhog Day is the touchstone for me on this one :slightly_smiling_face:


I see your point. I know this sounds very unscientific, but it sure does seem like the AI that controls my team has the brain of a 3 y.o. (or at least the strategizing ability of one). Since I only play on auto for farming it is no big deal.

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Ahhh yes much more fitting…and bloody :joy::joy:


Oh yeah. A really stupid 3 year old too. The auto-farm AI sucks.

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