The age of the Titan is past. The horde approaches

Foreword: I hope you’ll take the time to read this. I think it’s some of my finer work. I appreciate your feedback and consideration. Thank you. -Duaneski.

We have been here for years. Fighting the same titans, with much the same heroes. Log in. Hit. Log off. Repeat. Wait. Log in. Hit. Log off.

This cycle is by nature repetitive. That can be okay. But it’s time for a refresh. Titans helped make E&P what it is today, but that doesn’t mean that E&P doesn’t deserve a chance to move on. Behind the scenes SG can work on a refresh and update to titans, so when they return they’re bigger and badder than ever. (Here’s some inspiration! When a Titan Attacks )

Now look - for some this might seem like a non starter. And I get it. I loved titans. Really loved them. But I’m over them and I bet a lot of you either are, or are and haven’t realized it yet. (Going through the motions.)

SG can do better.

With this as preamble I present a new collaborative challenge for alliances:

The Endless Horde

“Sir… Our deacon awoke in a terrible fever… cursing to the skies he ran to court and declared a storm
Approaches… as rain drops fall from the sky, so shall the numbers of our enemy be never ending… As he spoke, the distant sounds of rain filled our ears. This omen seemed worrisome, sire… but the distant pit pat of rain moved closer… and soon the thunderous echo of a tireless march fell upon us. Our scouts can not count the enemy. Their numbers know no limits. We have called upon our allies to fight by our sides… but can we hold the enemy off? Can we save our kingdom? The deacon wept in our courts sire… we need you to lead us, now…”

The endless horde is a 11 tile wide board, players can bring up to 7 heroes for a battle.

After being used in a battle against the horde, heroes must rest for 71 hours.

Players can fight the horde for ten minutes per day, six days per week. On mondays, the horde retreats… players have a chance to collect the spoils of war and to rest… then on Tuesday, the horde returns…

Players may provide heroes to be used by the alliance. So for instance, I could say my Bane 3* is available for anyone in the alliance to use. A newer player then could take Bane and use him. Heroes used by another alliance member must rest for 142 hours before attacking the horde again.

Specialized horde defense buildings can be activated during the battle against the horde. (Various affects, can be upgraded and different paths chosen for what the defense buildings will do… from a freezing spell , to an arrow barrage, to a haste buff or healing thing.). These buildings have a real time cooldown. So moving the board and activating building effects in the right order in sync with hero abilities and/or activating the best ability versus current horde composition provides a nice way to build in some feeling of “mastery” to fighting the horde.

The horde is comprised of:

  • skeleminions (HP between 200-500). They take up half of a space of a hero (so two stand in a single column)
  • captains (on par with a 3-4* hero. 800-1000 HP. Attack based abilities)
  • warlocks (on par with 4* heroes. 999 HP. Casts healing spells to the horde. Casts healing debuffs to enemy)
  • beasts (various. Mini titans. 3-5 columns wide. Can have weak spots. HP can be from 3,000 up to a few million)
  • other stuff that is thought up :stuck_out_tongue: siege weapons maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Hordes are overseen by Witches. Witches don’t appear on the battlefield but they do respond to player team abilities that are activated in semi-random ways. For instance if the witches see a lot of “attack all” abilities and buildings being used, they may put up a shield on the horde that soaks the first 200 damage from an attack. (Lasting X minutes.). A witch may see a lot of healing going on and cast a spell that says your healing is reduced by 60%. The algorithm for the witch holds a random factor, so every few turns there’s a chance the witch will proc, and when she does it’s based upon the most recent 5-10 abilities used, but ultimately pulls from the entire pool of possible witch spells. (She might do something random and unrelated. Which would generally be good of course :stuck_out_tongue: )

The way it works is, as you’re battling the horde, when you clear a column a new enemy fills in the now empty column. When an enemy dies, a counter ticks up by 1. When you’re done with your attack, the total number of enemy units killed, as well as a breakdown by enemy unit type, is pushed over to the alliance totals.

Totals are tracked by member for the alliance, as well as total time spent attacking the horde.

As an alliance first starts taking on the horde, they see mostly skeleminions. After a few hundred are killed, then captains appear. After a few thousand, the alliance starts seeing warlocks and so on. As kills go up, the enemy gets stronger. (Still even at the highest difficulty there should be a lot of minions. Wiping out minions should be very satisfying.) at a certain threshold the Witch goes from “rarely ever does anything” to “always has at least one effect active” to “sometimes has 3-4 effects active at once”
The witch is key to keeping the player from ever getting comfortable, or to stacking simple buffs and healing to just mindlessly smash the horde for ten minutes.

Rewards will no longer be daily. They’ll come weekly instead, each player getting their rewards on their rest day. Players will get a horde score, comparable to how Titan scores work. Where first the alliances ability against the horde is looked at, and THEN the players contributions.

Each Endless Horde ends at 3 months. A few days rest then another horde approaches.

Alliances will be judged on their progress by their percentile rank compared to other alliances. This will make the arms race very real, and make sure that the horde is never made more challenging or turned into a bigger number for the sake of anything except keeping the fight engaging and fun. The alliances aren’t competing against the horde, per se. they’re competing against each other. Just indirectly :wink:

So your alliance falls into a percentile category, same as raid tourneys work. It moves within there real time. The battle with the horde goes on for 3 months. Players hit 6 days a week, and get rewards on the 7th.

An alliance and individual leaderboard give both a place to compete and brag.

Rewards are generally similar to Titan loot… but players can specify what type of loot they ideally prefer and instruct their heroes to search specifically for that when collecting loot. (Slight increase to % chance of getting preferred items… can be emblems, summon tokens, Atlantis / s3 coins, AM, costume keys.).

Alliances have the chance of receiving a special reward from the horde. The game will look at an alliance using the same metrics used for war matchmaking (top 30 hero power) and identify an expected percentile rank for that alliance. If the alliance overachieves for a period of time (a week perhaps) then they receive a reward; it could be an EHT, or summon coins, or something else. The alliance can choose. This should be presented to the alliance as a gift from the realm of the living in honor of their dedication. Alliances in the top 1% should receive this honor at least once per quarter.

At the end of the first set, a reward should go out to every alliance. A baseline should be set, and used as a reference point for the next 3 month horde.

If the alliances are above the baseline, killing more of the horde than expected, then the people win and a reward goes out. Celebration in the empire.

If the alliances are below the baseline, then a smaller reward is sent and the players experience total darkness in their realms for some time.

As the final week of a 3 month set begins, a ticker with “number of horde to defeat” should appear to show the players where they are progress wise.

… I feel like I could keep writing on this a while. But it’s getting late and I think the general idea is well enough fleshed out. I’m sorry it’s just a wall of text hah. Hopefully ya cats read it and enjoy it.

Great idea. From your title I thought you were going to suggest a battle that goes on for 10-20 waves or more or even an endless game mode with better loot the longer you stay alive.


That’s my duaneski!..


It’s endless other than the time limit for how long you can attack.

I’m trying to think of other things to differentiate it from other game modes… maybe having dragons and gems spawn on the board at random… would be good too.

I want the player to feel POWERFUL. Even at lower ranks, players should be able to plow through a few hundred minions before they start meeting captains and experiencing witch effects.

And Higher level players… they should have an evolving experience where the enemy doesn’t get directly stronger (not relatively anyway.), but the juggling act has more balls in the air, and it becomes a dance of debuff cleansing, sweeping attacks, and keeping their heroes alive :wink:

Ahhhh it sounds so grand. Psyched I don’t have to build it or balance it :rofl:

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Allow me to add - there’s some stuff there that maybe isn’t necessary. And of course the numbers are written in pencil too.

(Specifically, an 11 tile board and 7 heroes on a small device might be a total nightmare … coupled with needing space for 3-5 UI buttons for activating buildings… I can see that being a problem. )

But I stand by the idea at large, even if there are components that may be problematic :slight_smile:

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I love the degree of thought & creativity in this thread.

There is a pre-existing “Endless Battle” type thread already existing.

Not 100% if there is a part of it aimed at Alliances but…


I love this. I enjoy titans well enough still, but I need something new to gameplay. This would be an amazing new style of play that doesn’t have to lose the match 3 gems.

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Monday loot should give Rows showing each days performance from the week and your loot from each day.

Then you should get an extra roll for weekly performance (a la Titan chest). Accordingly this weekly loot would have a higher floor for what is included.

That way ppl don’t think they’re getting cheated outta loot compared to titans.

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That is a good idea and could be explorered by SG imo. A new task that can be shared with all alliance members is a nice proposal. If we can share the heroes on it, the experience will be great. The horde has a good appeal and I like that!


Sounds great… really interesting and your detail made it appear in my imagination and it looked cool!

We know SG are working on new ways to play within our alliance… wouldn’t be upset at all if they had something like this in mind!


I was considering the 11-wide hex board and trying to think how that could work.

One possible solution is that the board would auto-play. This would free the player up to focus on active abilities (btw I think heroes should randomly start the battle charged - not all of them but maybe 2-5 of them.).

I was thinking what would be cool is, you could have things that modify the speed the board is played at. Hero abilities or defense structure passive abilities. So the board could play pretty slow or very fast, depending on what is chosen.

I was also thinking this would be a great spot to introduce 5* troops. I would think Troops could play a pretty big role in these fights, since ideally we would see a lot of them charging across our screen…

But i digress :stuck_out_tongue: … anyway, so the board auto plays, but what would be cool is if the player could make matches in addition to the game auto playing. So you could really move a massive amount of tiles at once. I think this would give a high intensity feel … is that technically possible? I have no idea. But I think it’d be cool.

Plus then player is choosing between activating abilities and making matches. (Also a good recruitment tool. - “hey spouse/child can you help me with my attack? (Have then make matches or click the ability buttons)”

One more thing… enemies in the minion category should be split between archers and melee.

Archers deal a moderate amount of flat damage to heroes, and do not advance forward.

Melee deal no damage at first (or very low), but every turn that they aren’t killed they move closer to the player. When they get about half way their damage ramps up, reaching about 100% damage at halfway… each step closer adds a lot of damage, maybe as much as 100% more.

This might be a good event to scale damage somewhat to the defense heroes… for balancing purposes it might be easier to balance and better overall if hordes deal a percent of damage to heroes they hit. (So archers do 2% damage to a hero = 20 damage to a 1000 HP hero, 30 damage to a 1500 HP hero.) … melee start out at 1%… then reach 3% at half way… and peak at say, 7.5% = 75 HP to a 1000 HP hero… (keeping in mind there’s up to 22 minions on the screen at once… though at the same time their damage should be spread out to 7 heroes :slight_smile: )

(Attack speed considerations for enemy minions is of course a thing too. Base 3 attack speed for minions… could do archers w a 2 attack speed and crossbows with a 4. Archers 2% damage, crossbows 7%. Makes crossbows a priority to kill before they shoot kinda deal. … and attack speed Can be modified by the ole witch or warlocks or beasts or whatnot :slight_smile: … siege weapons could shield nearby minions… lotta possibilities there for keeping the player on their toes as far as where and how they’d need to attack …)

Edit: with the possibility of the board auto playing and the player being able to match on top of that, battle effectively moves from “turn based” to real time. In which case enemies would need a real time attack speed. So let’s say every 3 seconds for archers, 6 seconds for crossbows. Captains every five seconds. Etc. melee inch forward every 5 seconds.

Also: petards who explode when they get close enough, disabling a defense structure ability for some time and damaging a few heroes :slight_smile:


I really like this idea as a macro change for the game. Enjoy another vote.

One thing I think might be a little bit interesting to explore may be a situation where instead of battle items the alliance has selectable buffs, such as the buff buildings you mentioned, but possibly allowing each member to choose their buff preferences, for example when I hypothetically begin I can choose from 1 of three buffs say +5% attack, +5% defense or +5% mana generation. In addition the alliance can spend resources to upgrade these buildings, buffs etc.

I really hope a viable solution to this is in the cards, but let’s give SG a chance to try to get this right.

I really hope this gets more votes too.

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@averagejoe33 I really appreciate the kind words and the feedback, AND the idea that you included.

Some feedback on your idea - I like the premise. I think alliances should get to make decisions for some things that change the way they play fundamentally compared to other alliances. AND I think alliances feel better about this when it is EARNED.

How to earn? Donated resources such as iron / food / gems (small amount FFS! :stuck_out_tongue: ) / recruits AND progress against the horde. (I would also say war wins could drive progress in some builds…)

So with that in mind I would propose, based upon your idea, activated alliance boosts:
Church: healing - activate button to heal every hero on your roster by % of their life total. (Upgrades 2.5/5/7.5/10/15 …) … 1 minute Cooldown
Altar of War: activate button to increase attack by %. Stacks with other attack buffs. (Like an elemental link)… 5/10/15/20/30… 30 second cooldown


Now one of the tricky things with stuff like this is - really committed players quickly crunch the numbers and say “the altar is best. Everyone build an altar.” That word gets out to alliances and then bam 75% of people have an altar ;p

So there’s some workarounds from a design perspective

  1. Hide the benefits before the season starts and have them revealed as an alliance progresses down a given path. Alliances are locked into their chosen path.
  2. Try to balance the effects so they’re sooo close to being equally effective that it doesn’t matter.
  3. 2 is so freakin hard to do. But I think the devs could take a look at the existing buffs and make an educated guess on what’s strongest and what’s weakest… and then they could provide some extra benefits to the weaker ones. Maybe an extra loot roll. Or maybe a desirable Pin or Background or Avatar. Or all of the above. There’s ways to balance things outside of direct numbers and I think that this is a good example of a feature that could help alliances to build an identity.
  4. Combo of the above. Which would be my choice. Alliances could then say "year we are warriors. Give us the Altar. Along their path they find out its the strongest, but not by much. They get one less loot roll than other alliances, but on average are dealing some extra damage. They get a cool avatar, but the healing alliances get a really nifty sunrise background. The warriors end the set feeling happy with their choice, and proud of it. But also envious of the other alliances. When the next set starts minor tweaks to each building path are made, and some different avatars and whatnot are rotated.). As mentioned above War Wins would make perfect sense to be a mover for the “Altar of War” clans. Meanwhile the Healing Clans might benefit more from using each others heroes. Or from winning raid defenses. Or I dunno. Something :rofl: … would need fleshed out for mana boost, and whatever other paths alliances can choose between. But it’s definitely possible and imo would be a great addition :slight_smile:

Sorry that’s another wall of text. Just wanna say, there’s a lot SG could do with this game. I’m sick of being locked into Titans I want some new stuff LOL

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Yeah i would love an endless horde kind of battle, and making it alliance wide would be pretty cool. I think keeping it wave based would be simpler, and that could factor in with the witch effects eg at first witch effects only multiples of 10, and then maybe down to 6 and then down to 3 etc. Having the special chests spawn like during events to give alliances better/more loot could be a way to tie alliance performace together too. Players could get a bonus akin to titan grades for highest wave reached and most waves cleared.

I like the idea of like a forward command area, where you can upgrade structures to give benefits during battle. I think it’d be cool to have an alliance pool builders and resources together to upgrade/build structures. I’d keep the resources separate from the main game pools, so instead of iron and food maybe steel and wood. Players can start to work on a building at any time they have a free builder, using their scavenged resources. Other alliance members can click on a building in progress, and by committing their builder and a displayed amount of resources can decrease the build time. I’d give players a separate builder from in base, but have the VIP builder be a floater - base builder stays in base, command area builder stays in command area, but VIP extra builder can be assigned in either area whenever he’s free. Buildings can provide bonuses during battle like a barricade can provide +def, a field hospital tent can provide heals at the end of every x waves, a ballista can provide “a dmg to a target/minor damage to nearby enemies” attack that recharges every x waves, a command post can provide +atk, etc

This is a cool idea with lots of potential


I would love to see something like this instituted. It would be a bugger to code and balance, but I really like the idea.


Interesting idea and a lot of thought was put into it. It introduces the tower defense type metric, which I’m ambiguous to myself but willing to give it a go.

The 11-gem board could be a problem. I continually mis-swipe with 7. Maybe this could be played in landscape somehow?


I support a season 3 version of a titan, but not simply another titan. Like the Zeppelin song states, “Fight the horde, singing and crying, Valhalla I am coming.”. There are creative ideas here, and it would be fun to have another minuscule shot at good items and teamwork. My Dirty Pirate Harlots love the group thing.


Take my +1 and any change I may have left in my pockets too!! This would be fun. I believe it would add some life to the game, even if it was just a monthly thing and they still had the titans…hopefully to avoid an anger about replacing the Titan?

Me and error 403 have become quite good friends, although I wouldn’t mind to see him go and give me my votes back

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I was kind of hoping for an epic poem or short story about how much you liked it. I guess a vote and a “I like this concept” is OK. I mean. It’s fine.

I’ll just not cry in this corner over here. He lied.

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