The account lost

I want to file a complaint about the lost accounts. They close the applications without answering or mentioning the reason. I spent the money on the account and did not prepare for my lost account.

Hi again, me for a third time. :slight_smile:

Same suggestions as before — the Forum is the wrong place for this. You just have to #contact-support with the correct information:

I understand you’re frustrated about this, but the Forum can’t provide a solution for you. Only SG Support can.

Please don’t create a 4th post about this. Just contact Support again with all of the required information.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello I have lost my account and sent the request but always close my order without a reply with all the information provided is correct please help me

Thank you, but whenever I send them a request they comment where can I file a complaint or write to one of the players on the game and thank you

I think that’s probably because you need to make sure to pick the right category and include all of the required information.

The instructions say they’ll close the request automatically if you don’t include everything.

Is your Facebook account linked?

I still cannot access my account!

If you are unable to access your account, please follow these steps:

  1. Connect your new account to Facebook (the same Facebook profile as the lost account)

  2. Submit a new support request by using this form: Support request form: Account Issue

And did you include all of these items listed?

  • The Account Identifier of the account that replaced the original account (the one currently on your device). For more information, please read this help article: How can I find my account identifier (AccountID)?
  • Platform of your device ( Android or iOS ). If you need to transfer progress from Android to iOS or vice versa, please choose Both
  • Exact player name of the account you’d like to recover (Case Sensitive)
  • Player experience level of the account
  • The name of the Alliance you belong to, as well as your rank there
  • Receipt from Google Play or iTunes of an in-app purchase made on your lost account (for more information, please read this help article: Where do I find my purchase history/receipts?)

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