🗞 The Absolutely Unofficial E&P Forum News! (Not just about @NicoX...)

Our well-known @NicoX is absent again. And that’s for a reason. He is trying to get a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. With a Belgium crossing. Our correspondent @Theo87 is on site (and annoyed because NicoX didn’t let us know). Theo87, how’s the weather?


I hope @NicoX will reach his goal :slight_smile:


fixing my hair and cursing inwardly at the makeup people for applying red lipstick in the morning

Thanks @Pike, it’s a good thing I’m not wearing heels, because it’s raining cats and dogs here today! We’re expecting large amounts of rain in the next couple of days, hopefully the ditches in with @NicoX likes to revel in don’t get full, we wouldn’t want him to drown. As you can see behind me, the wind is picking up and I hope he’s wearing a jacket as to not catch a cold.

Back to you.


Thanks @Theo87! So you think these aren’t good conditions for a record attempt?


No, sadly. It’s getting colder and he’ll probably wake up one morning, once he realizes that buzzing he hears in his ears is because we’re mentioning him all the time and once he sobers up.

To clarify, in Serbia we say that if you hear that buzzing, ringing noise in your ears, it’s because people are talking about you.


Yes, we in Germany know this too.
To set a record, @NicoX has to walk the distance Athus - Zeebrugge in less than two days. Besides the weather, @Theo87, do you think he’s capable of this?


@Sorvina Did someone eat @NicoX :rofl: ?

I didn’t follow the threads about him for pretty long time. Is there anyone who still want to eat him left :sweat_smile: ?

Vote yes if you still want to eat @NicoX :rofl:
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I’d be surprised if he’s capable of walking first, then if he can walk the distance :joy:


That’s, actually, a great question :thinking:
@Sorvina, is he in your basement again? :joy:


We heard that @NicoX is already in default? His deficit should have a reason above all. He tells every duck he meets that they are overpowered. Can you confirm @Theo87?


Maxbe we’ll solve this mystery as this broadcast progresses. After the adverts. Stay tuned.


I can confirm that ducks are acting strange. Even afraid, I’d dare say. They’ve been spotted in the north of the country flying without a clear pattern where the ducks from the back of V formation are not replacing the tired ducks from the front.
I don’t know what that means, just that the reports we’ve been getting from the farmers are not that good. Ducks have been found all around the countryside, just lounging, swimming in lakes and even making friends with rabbits!


Hmm, strange. Maybe you should stay there and keep reporting.
But now let’s stop here and bring those legs back to warm safety. We will continue our report when there is news. Thanks @Theo87 and good night.

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We will continue with our reports tomorrow, until then, my legs are glad to be inside.
Good night, this was our daily missing @NicoX report.


When does the buzzing stop?!?!?!

…Asking for a pantless friend…


Fearless forecast: once @NicoX shows up again, he will

a) complain that we were looking for him, ungratefully disregarding that it is a sign of concern

B) pointedly ignore our repeated requests to use @Pike ’s ABSENT thread to announce planned disappearances

C) obliquely insult @Sorvina and myself for trying to punish him for his callous disregard for our concern

D) not even notice @Theo87 ’s attempts to report professionally on his missing status


I would love to help him on his journey!




Good morning,y name is Theo and you’re listening to E&P news.
I’m here on site where eyewitnesses have spotted ducks languidly swimming in the lake without heeding any attention to the season or natural predators. Strange behavior indeed. It seems like they’re not even remotely ready to leave when the fall starts. Granted, the weather today is definitely better than yesterday, with the sun peeking behind the clouds which is probably what makes ducks think that behavior is expected.

There are still no reports on @NicoX whereabouts.

@sleepyhead can you tell us have you heard any rumours about his disappearance in your country?

Back to studio. @Pike, what are the news today?

For how long does it last? Maybe that can be an indicator when will it stop.

Aaaawwww, there-there. I can only assume it’s due to being pantless, the buzzing. Let your friend know buzzing is not necessarily a bad thing. Another saying we have here is that there’ll be road dust in the air after a good horse. Tell him that, it means people are always jealous of their betters :grin:

I can already imagine his snubbing attitude.
“Whaaaaa, I’ve been gone for two months, you couldn’t have missed me, cmon, don’t be such crybabies.”

Something along those lines, I guarantee you.

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