The ability to use Votes and why I have none left

Why are our votes limited, along with our likes?
Likes are per day but votes do not seem to follow this rule. I’ve used them quite sparingly yet I am unable to vote any longer?
Is there a time limit for them to reset?
Can I manually reset them?
Why would votes be gimped to begin with? Especially if you can only use one vote per post?
I DEMAND my God given right to VOTE!!!


I vote yes to this…


I just used my last like, at 9am in the morning, to like your vote…you’re probably out of votes for a year now :joy:

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Voting Mechanism
(Vote button)

PapaHeavy votes

Increased Votes
(Increased votes! ❤)

Likes. Includes section on votes
([Primer] What do forum “Likes” do? Or use your "Likes")

Out of likes badge
([Primer] What do forum “Likes” do? Or use your "Likes")


@Gryphonknight to the rescue once again!! Thank you my good Sir!!
I keep being surprised at the extent of posts of yours I have missed. Appreciate it

P.S There weren’t many votes for me to regain as most of those votes are put to good use.

I also remembered that @Halifax may be interested in this as well.

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  • We want More Votes
  • We need less votes

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There maybe this will help. :crazy_face:

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Votes on votes!! @Rohn, pure Genius!!


Well goooollloolllllyyyyyy

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And just used my last vote that I had taken back earlier…dam…n

Who would vote to have less votes? That’s like eating ham but hating bacon!!


So in all, how many votes are available to each forum member?

Here you go mate…


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