The ability to play in computers like a web-based version

Experiencing the game using my computer was the best moments I have ever play this game using emulators (BlueStacks, Nox Player, and Gameloop), but each of them faced a problem after a while; recently, I found a game named “Hero Wars” playing on the web by just opening its link on my browser, which also saved my progress into my google account. Here is the address: “

I just wonder if the game providers let us play this amazing and entertaining game using our computer. I have two main reasons to ask you this feature:

  1. Playing the game on a much bigger screen.
  2. Preventing neck pain for the players, because we all, I guess, look down at our phones’ screen while we are playing mobile games.
    So, playing on the computer makes us benefit from a much bigger screen and prevent future neck pains due to a long time playing this lovely, entertaining, and addictive game.
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I like this idea a lot. Maybe you can turn this into a “ideas and feature request” category and let members vote for it. :slight_smile:

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As a mighty Regular, you have this power @ThePirateKing :slightly_smiling_face:


True, but I wanted to get the OP’s consent first. :slight_smile:


Personally, I also use the emulator (sorry that puzzle combat cannot use it with the emulator).

I use it not to shorten the life of the battery.

the advantage of the browser is that you don’t have to download an emulator on purpose.

however there is a small problem on the programmers side.
they currently have two clients (android, iphone).
via web would another client be developed or can it be obtained from the previous two?

Yeah, not downloading an emulator is a very positive point. Also, I agree with you that adding web clients can be a challenge for them to develop.

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Would love to be able to play on desktop!

It is also very helpful when you see your plot in the landscape mode instead of portrait mode.

Use a simulator/emulator like bluestacks or nox. A web based interface would be so vulnerable…

I used to play the game on both the emulator you said, now I’m unable to play the game using them due to the very low speed of the emulators on my computer. The web-based games are easy to play and accessible from any systems without being needed to download and install both the game and the emulator.

It took me literally 6 months of frustration resetting settings and restarting. I finally have a build and profile that is almost flawless… No more tweaking!

If you use a Mac I will share my Bluestacks settings.

Thank you so very much dear @sft1965, actually, I’m using a windows 10 OS.

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The ability to play this game on a computer browser would be of much help ( not losing battles because of phone calls and also would save phone battery life , less overheating etc ). I am for it !

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I don’t think vulnerabilities are a big deal.

if I understand the typology, the client only takes care of the graphics, the “real work” is done on the server side.

I am of the opinion that a web interface can easily coexist with compatibility with emulators.

the basic problem is another.
Do they have an advantage in doing the web version?

Do not misunderstand.
A web version is fine for me.
Personally I would use it as an emergency version
(like the emulated version to save battery)

On the emulator I try not to attack the titans (in order not to risk slowing down) but for the other parts it can be fine.

Have you tried with Droid4x? it is meant for old computers.

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I just tried Droid4x, and ah, that was a pain in the neck!!! No Google Play Store and Games, and that was an absolute low-speed app even slower than the low specification phone I bought about 5 years ago. Thanks for your suggestion, anyway.

I guess by a strong web-based version, they will have more users; because there will be no limitation for playing it. It will also become more interesting, at least to me!

Droid4x is designed for old computers, probably using it on a discrete computer (I ran Nox, Memu and LDplayer at the same time at the beginning) I didn’t notice its actual performance.

I think it depends on how it is used and advertised.

android and iphone users usually remain two distinct groups, emulators and web version I think mainly absorb users who already use the game.

What changed with computer making performance worse?

I ain’t understand you, could you explain it more?

Just what I wrote.

The way I read what I quoted it sounds like you were able to run the emulators at some point without issue, but then you couldn’t. So what changed?

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