The 7empest wants YOU! 8-10*Titans

What we lack in fancy forum graphics we make up for with active players. There are several multi-generational families who participate; English is our primary language, but we are an international alliance with players from the UK, Australia, Brazil, Myanmar, Poland, and the US. The expectation is that every flag is used in war and titans are hit when you are online - players who don’t fulfill the expectations will be and have been booted.

Come check us out!

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We are a great alliance, strong leadership and we work together as a team. Looking for players who want a new home.

We have had several new members join, still room for more. come give us a try, I believe you will like what you find. Friendly active and growing alliance.

Still room for a couple of more active players looking for a strong, friendly alliance.

Another war victory, currently fighting a 9 Titan. Check us out


I started playing 7ish weeks ago, so I’m a relatively new and interested in joining. I’m quite active and just dinged 26, but that sounds high for the relatively low TP I have.

I’m playing the slow burn trying to get to TC20 fast. Stronghold is currently sitting at 15, getting the iron storages up to 15 for the push to 18 and then 20.

However I won’t be making the 1200 trophy count soon. Hovering just above 1K & encountering mostly stronger players, so it’s slow going.

Let me check with our leader, we always need help for clean up in war

We have lowered trophy count, please join us

I checked your lineup, interested.

My defense team is around 3850. I still struggle a but with 8* and higher titans, unless it’s green being red is my best color.

I’m an active everyday players, always use all my war flags and like to hit titans.

Trophies range between 2000s to 2400 depends on the streak I’m on.

I’m in an alliance I like but of 29 members, only about 15-20 is consistent. We’ve lost wars we should have won if we had used our flags and we’ve allowed titans to get away that shouldn’t have. Frustrating me a little bit which is why I’m looking for another alliance. I’ve been with them since I started so kinda makes me feel bad to leave them.

Thanks for the note Witchdoor. Sorry little late. We are an active alliance.Must hit Titan every day and if in war, use all six flags. Currently on a nine Titan. We just removed a player who left six flags and was gone for two days with no communication. You would be a great fit. Please join us

Just defeated a nine Titan with seven hours left, come on and join us

Thanks for offer to join but I’ve joined another when I finally saw your reply.

Thanks and good luck. Feel free to join us if things don’t work out for you

Sounds good, again thanks

I joined 10 days ago. 26 players, and everyone of them are active. Competitive in every war, and hit titans hard. Leaders only care about effort, not results of your hits. what more do you want from an alliance.

We added folks from Belgium and Canada recently. We still have 3 spots open!

Another war victory. Fighting nine Titans. Still need a couple of ACTIVE players.

Whether you are 2.5 to 4.5 and an active player, we have a need for you. Come grow with us

Tool fans?

20 Tool fan questions

Several members are including our leader

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