The 7empest wants YOU! 10-11* Titans

You are welcome back any time

Lots of alliances looking, but if want that special active alliance, come join us

Only two more spots available!

One of our long time players just retired from the game. So if you are looking for an active friendly and chatty alliance, check us out

Still looking for a couple of active players to join us.

Come and join us. still some spots open…

were always open to meeting new people. if you fancy a slot for a couple of months or longer, then come try us out.

Two spots open, come join us while they are available!

We have pretty chill folks: just hit the titan, set the right tank & flank colour for war and use all your flags and that’s it. But you can also step it up a notch if you want. Join Discord and/or Heroplan for more discussion on events, weekly raid tournament strategies, hero priorities etc.

Tired of drama, flags being left in war, if you want an active friendly international alliance, come join us. We presently have two open spots

Ready to start the new year off with an active caring alliance, come our way. We have one opening.

Just need two active players looking for a friendly alliance. We have members from five continents. Check us out

Some free spots open!

Fancy a frolic in the daisies, then come check us out

Still searching! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just one opening left. Active, chatty, international alliance, check us out

Good people in the 7empest, take it from the Flinger.

Would I lie???

I played there on a walkabout, fun times.

Thank u very much PooFlingerJr.

Hi there, are you guys still looking for new members? I am a C2P @ 1800 flags,strongest team at 3900, although war teams towards the back weaken quite a bit. Looking for a team where you do not loose because of unused flags…

We do have one opening and just finished another war and all flags used. You are more than welcomed

Sounds great, give me a second.

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