The 5xAmeonna Defense Team - Raid Results, Raid and War Raid videos

That was really cool!
Ameonna is amazing!


That was nice. I hope you did a rematch. With a slightly better board that could have been a win.
FAct is you even pick a tough opponent with two dark heros behind the yellow.


One tip;
Her only treat is not buffed tiles;
AI neglects her ghost form and tells to finish her, if her hp is below attacking hero’s damage treshold.

In offense, and titan attack do not heal her up, just try to keep her alive, and opponents will waste their specials on her. This is particularly effective against sniper based groups.


War Raid video (this time it was a dramatic victory)
@zephyr1 @KnifeWonder @0valRainbow @zephyr1 @mogulemon @Camerom11w @afrazier @Sarah2 @PapaHeavy @Noble_Weasel @DaveCozy


That is crazy!? Congrats… I wish I hadn’t eaten her now :sob:

Thanks for sharing

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That was very bad board to start with :rofl:

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That’s was really dramatic! But Ameonna is able to survive like crazy! What a lucky hero!

And congrats on the board playing! It was very well-played

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Awesome stuff @Pois1!!! I knew it would be FUN!

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Regarding the ongoing Raid Tournament.
I am 11 for 11 with the Ameonna team!


Do you have Mother North? I would like to see your team with her added in on wing.

Nope. I don’t have her.

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