The 5% emblem loss penalty for reset is way too low

Seeing all these 3* with high talent levels in the raid tourney is pretty annoying to me. I don’t mind losing to a team that’s stronger… that’s not the issue. It’s when someone can easily buff weaker heroes with emblems for an event, then reapply the emblems back to their 5* when it’s finished for just a handful of gems and a small loss of 5%. Many will just buy the emblems back when they’re available anyway.

I’d love to see weaker and/or newer players have some success in these 3* events. Strong P2W players ruin that with temporarily buffing their 3*s heroes. That’s so cheesy. (Not calling out P2W players… I spend a stupid amount myself)

Why can’t the penalty be more harsh to discourage this? 10% maybe? … or… 5%, plus a 7 day wait-timer to get your emblems back. Just my two cents


The downside of that is that we would all pay for a few … I would pay when I get a new hero to whom I prefer to give the emblems, or when I am wrong in giving them to a certain hero or a route to follow … I do not think that is the best idea, we should look for another way to limit that

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I think you’re wrong - I bet there are a lot of people who just decided that having strong 3 stars give them a leg up in the 3 star tournament.

You can also max out a 3 star for the cost of what, 2-4 levels of a 5 star?


I think you’re right. I’ve seen some Sha Ji maxed with emblems (19/22) in tournament AND war…maybe they lacked a good yellow, but for sure they are in use not only for tournament…


Once the rewards are restored to their full amount, I will probably feed some emblems to 3*s that I use heavily for events/tournaments. I see it as an investment that will pay dividends over time. So I doubt players are re-assigning emblems for each tournament, but rather view it from this perspective.

I am surprised at how many have already made the plunge, though. I never thought that I would see so many emblems spent on Renfelds…


Somehow I doubt that’s gonna happen anytime soon… and when I say “anytime soon” I actually mean this millennia… first tourney rewards were way better than most elemental chest, so the perspective of getting that twice a week doesn’t seem very SG like…


Sounds right in theory, but I know plenty of folks that got top 1% without using emblems on any 3 stars, and if that continues to be the case going forward, I’m still not sure it makes sense for folks to be using them there, just an opinion though.


You mean once a week right @Ian487?


I don’t see the reason to blow emblems on 5 stars unless I’m intent on being in the Top 100 of raids, so to each their own?

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People are free to do whatever they’d like, I certainly don’t care what you spend emblems on, my point was simply that if the investment into them is for future dividends, maybe you can get those future dividends without the investment if it’s not something you want to do … if it’s something you want to do, have at it.

I used my emblems to max Melia just for titans and to give her more survival. I have plenty of 4 n 5* heros, and I keep them on her. Trust me, if someone wants to keep taking the 5% penalty, then after 20 times of back and forths, they will lose 100% long term.


I don’t think that the current reduction is unreasonable. It would hurt the entire population increasing the reset cost not just board “high rankers.” Honestly, increasing the cost would hurt lower level players even more because emblems are much harder to earn at lower levels since the emblem quests have level restrictions and the final stage is especially hard for a lower level player.

Overall, I think you are addressing a different fundamental issue and that is that the 3* tournament is not really for lower level players it is more for the intermediate player. A 3* tournament benefits people that have a deep bench of 3* so that they can not only color stack but also take advantage of the special rules. Even though the emblems help the advantage is marginal at best when compared with having a variety of 3* heroes to chose from.


Constantly swapping emblems doesn’t make sense. 5% loss each time will ruin your amount of emblems and you need lots of resources every time.

You just need one rainbow for each rule. No need to stack against rares. Easily won all 8 so far with my just for this tournament rageleveled one and only rainbow, which is also my defence.


I am doing this but on 4* - basically upping my chances on tourney’s and events since epic gives better rewards. And I don’t have 30 maxed 5* so 4* still are critical for me for wars and titans.


5% is low now, but when you reach 400 emblems? Or 500 emblems?

That’s 20-25 emblems wasted every week for every class, and there’s the high risk to not re-gain the investment.
Not even close.

Don’t worry.
Swirtch emblems among heroes is not something worth in the long run.


Bro… a solution that creates another problem is simply moving the problem " a little to the left ". Your suggestion penalizes those of us who reset for the sole purpose of switching emblems onto a better character (the majority of players). You are also not considering the fact that once we reset we lose A TON of food and iron that is not returned to us.

I really don’t mind players switching emblems toward 3* heroes cause they are less likely to do well in the 4* and 5* tournaments, to each their own. A similar complaint occurred after the release of first tournament where people didn’t want random players to get fantastic loot while the tourney was being tuned up. Alas, as a result we all ended up doing public beta for SG with very poor loot in exchange for our contribution. I’d think carefully what I’d suggest in this topic before it ends up biting us in the …


Increasing the penalty would massively discourage people from experimenting with the emblems to see what works for them. It’s not a good idea.

Holding reset emblems in escrow for a week though isn’t a bad idea. People who are using emblems on 3* heroes because they consider it to be worth it for tournaments and wars wouldn’t be hurt in the slightest by that. For people who want to experiment it would be a fairly minor barrier.


I don’t see the issue, if you think the cost is too low, switching is overpowered and that it’s becoming abused, then just start doing it yourself. What’s the problem? :man_shrugging:

But in practice you don’t want to do that because you don’t want to lose emblems. So you avoid it because it’s not worth the cost, but think it’s unfair that others do it. You see the contradiction here?

The playerbase is full of this type of antic.


How about reset emblems? How did you guys fare with those, so far? I only got one other beside the one that came with the first emblems… they seem to be ultra rare, much, much rarer than 4* AM’s…

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I agree to some extent on what you are saying , my curb would be not to increase the penalty, but to have

  • a cool down time frame from removing /adding emblems onto other heroes .
    E.g if you remove emblems today for a particular class a 48hr period would be required (cool down wait) for that class .

At least it gives a few days of any tournament fair play before anyone can give themselves a serious advantage w embleming up all their heroes . :thinking:

Personally, I think it’s difficult to stop this emblem re allocation. SG should have just made the unremovable from day one so players would have to chose wisely … (Harsh indeed)