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I used 1600 of my gems to purchase a 10-pack of troops, after receiving the 4th troop the game disconnected and I never received the rest of my troops. I made sure I had a good connection and then use another 1600 of my gems to purchase another 10 troops and once again the game disconnected around the same time not giving me all my troops but taking my gems. So what can I do to receive my gems back that the game took but did not give me what I purchased?

Contact support asap. Game-Menu-Options-Support Tab-Support and on that page submit a ticket/request.


You would have to send a ticket to support if that’s the case. You should double check your activity log just to make sure before sending the ticket tho. Maybe you still got your troops even if you got disconnected.


Control your recent activities.


It may happen IT SEEMS they did not give you all the troops, but you simply didn’t see it.

Take a screenshot of your activities if you didn’t receive all of them as proof.

It happen to me to disconnect too during a summon and believe to not receive all the “goods”, but it was not the case.


I would guess the troops were purchased the moment you completed the transaction. The gate summon animation is just cosmetics to make things more interesting. But the troop packs were bought a split second after tapping ok for paying the gems, so, tehnicaly they should have found their way into your inventory even without the gateway animation. Check your recent activity log before asking for support from SG.


Thank you everybody for your replies I appreciate it, thanks again and happy Hunting

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As stated above, I’d suggest checking your recent activity log. See the image below. If not, a support ticket is appreciated.

It would be interesting to see an image of your recent activity log. Maybe we can identify the troops. The purchase you did would give you no less than 3* which would be shown in the log.

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