That's all Folks! Time to say good bye

My Dearest Forum members,
My Friends,

after nearly 3 years of fun, talks and discussions with really nice people I decided to let the chapter “Empires and Puzzles” end for me this weekend.
I had a good time here…as normal member, Regular and Beta Tester.
The reasons for this decision are various but mainly I got a problem with the direction this game is going now.
In the past also I was bored of doing the same things again and again and was glad when Small Giant step by step implemented new tasks for me. But there is a point where it is getting too much…I feel driven and forced to play whenever possible to get a crumb of the big cake that was baked for the big spenders…with only a decent result. But I see no way anymore to keep-up without paying much money for the game. Don’t get me wrong…the players that are opening their wallets are important for this game also for the F2P members as they give SG the money for improvements and the fact that they have an effort was always ok for me as well. But now you can buy everything and patience is getting less important when investing a few hundred bugs into your account every month.
This seems to be the main goal for SG now. Best example is Telluria. When I see how many people got her on the battle field in war and raids I know that more of those heroes will appear. Also the new quests in Beta going same direction…only created to lure people to spend more money.
I also miss the times where it was the main part of the game, to kill titans with a great bunch of people in your alliance, having talks and fun with them.
Now the titan becomes a minor matter. Finding time to coordinate war, passing events and quests, fulfill all valor task and hoping for a better loot from chests is now the major part of the game.
I am not willing to spend so much time in a game that does not give me the fun anymore as a F2P player.
But I also want to thank you…thx to the team of Small Giant creating a wonderful game that was part of my life for about 3 years.
Thanks to the Regulars and Moderators making this forum a better place. @zephyr1, @Rook, @JonahTheBard
Thank you so much for the time you spend to help people to understand the game @Razor, @Avicious, @littleKAF
Thanks to my German friends @Grimtutor, @Olmor
Many thanks to my old alliance “The Ironclad” / “Black Pearl Armada” @Branwen, @Rochelle,

…and thank you to all the others I cannot mention because of the max of 10 people to @ in one post :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I will try to hop around to some alliances I know during this, my last weekend, in order to say good bye personally.

:metal: :metal: :metal:


Everything has a season, @Sorsha

You’ve been a great contributor, thanks for all your wit and wisdom :metal:

tenor (1)


Now that it’s official in the main Forum, I can say my thanks for all of your contributions, and that I hope you have fun wherever you head next. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ve been a big part of the Forum over the last couple of years, thanks for making it a better place!


Farewell @Sorsha!

We will be sorry to see you go! your contributions both on the forum proper & in beta have been of great value!

Thanks also for all your work in the German Community of the Forum & Game also!

All the best in the future!


Goodbye @Sorsha

May the future ahead treat you kindly.

Thanks for all the quirks, comments, posts, and just being you!

Fare well!


Sad to hear about it. I sent you a german message on line.

Hopefully you’ll visit the forum from time to time to see what the game will be later on.

Zapfenstreich 4 U :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks @Olmor I am sure that I will have an eye at the forum from time to time…just to see if you changed your avatar back to the dogs butt :rofl:


Farewell @Sorsha. We will all miss you, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I wish you all the best for all your future endeavors. Stay safe and take care. Adios :slightly_smiling_face::wave:t4:


Ouchhh Im read a lot from ur post, rarely post or reply but will miss it badly!!!
Bon voyage!!! And all the best


We, as your digital family will always remind you and welcome you in our line group!
Will keep your hammock warm and clean!

I like to thank you for the good time in the Forest we had together, and I’m pleased to wish you the best from all ally members!

Keep calm and always be prepared for a whiskey :tumbler_glass: Drink! Prost :beers:
Will stay in contact :sunglasses:


Farewell Sorsha, may you stay safe and healthy.


Maybe I will come back to your Whiskey offer Friday evening :wink: …and thank you. I would be glad if I could stay in your line group.


You too, please! Many thanks :kissing_heart:


Best of luck! Stay safe.


Sucks to see ya go @Sorsha

You’ll be missed around here

Thanks for everything


Will miss to find a reason to flag you, mate :wink:


You had to find one? Lol

I always figured they were pretty obvious


Probably the last time :sob: :sob:
BTW: told Mods to ignore it for sure :wink:


what a classy exit message. thanks for openly sharing, and taking time to say a proper goodbye. hope you take some very good memories of the game with you.

All the best!


If it draws more attention to your goodbye, flag away

Hope devs read it and start to notice the growing trend

So are you goin to try any other game to fill your time?


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