That one. are there any developers? tech support is not responding

that one. are there any developers? tech support is not responding

There probably a que for support tickets if you have sent one in.
I’m still waiting for mine. Be patient.

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I don’t know how.much time ago you have submitted a request. Normally it takes some time but I can imagine that covid will influence them as well.
And working hours in Finland will be over by now.

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The forum staff can’t look into game accounts. As others have said, try to be patient as lots of people are working at home and it’s now out of hours :slightly_smiling_face:


English please!
So they left 30 people without war, what about the path of valor? (
Are you signed into war as a alliance?

I am in the top Alliance, which is in the top 50 in the world ranking and we are 30/30 and we are still selecting the War, it is clear that we will not be given an opponent, I have been playing here for more than 2 months and the first time tacos

Give it some time being your in a high alliance, it could take a bit longer than normal.
To sort an opponent that you haven’t faced before.
War doesn’t start for another 12 hours?

so we don’t have anyone to fight with yet there is a distribution for the war 9 hours have passed

Really there isn’t that can happen know.
Hopefully this can be sorted for you and your alliance.
If your not in a war, when it starts we can take it from there.

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