That darn slow Vivica

Hi, here’s a question and I hope for some positive responses. I have Vivica fully maxed and with emblems !! Why oh why won’t the devs revamp her and make her at least average in speed instead of ssslloow !! she’s a good healer but sometimes before she can fire off she’s almost dead dead dead… Somebody help this poor girl please !!

The whole point of the Slow mana speed is because she’s REALLY good when she goes off. Same with alot of slow heroes, such as Azlar. Both really big game changers if they go off, so i think that if the mana speed was increased, they’d have to lower their effectiveness, making them less effective overall. Hope this helps.


The key to every slow characters is position in the team and other heros on the team. Your team chemistry means alot but when you don’t have the right characters make who’s ever raiding you pick their poison with another devastating/awesome character preferably fast mana. Now who do they attack/try to stop from firing. The board comes into play also.

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And that’s the reason why she is still at 3/70 in my roster. I can use other off-colored 4 star healers, preferably Rigard as they have almost the same use (heal and cleanse, minus the DEF buff) but at average mana speed.

We are at the border betwen 10 and 11 star titans. I desperately need to get my Viv to 4th tier. She is getting shredded by the purple titans and at this level the key to high damage is colour stacking. 4*s just get one shotted unless heavily emblemed.


That’s the catch to being in some of the higher tier alliance you have to have at least 1 rainbow 5* team alot of pressure to do good IMO

You need level 17 mana troops, then you need one less tile to fill her mana.


Cut your losses, just accept her limitations and DON’T give her emblems.
She’s an easy kill even with emblems.

Giving her lvl17 mana troops would shave one measly tile, but at the cost of lower defense (from critical troops) not to mention taking the mana troops off one of your other holy heroes that actually have an attack SS isn’t worthwhile.

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Vivica with 33% healing and an average speed would be balanced to me.


She would be better than many hotm at avg mana. Definitely worth ascension, glad I have a couple in stock in case she’s ever buffed.

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Improve vivica = less money in the Ariel chasing funds.
She is excellent even at slow speed, and that level 17 mana does make a very noticeable difference on slow heroes.

I agree with @l2ider though, don’t give her emblems because the benefit is poor.


@l2ider with 33% healing she would just be better than Aeron and mainly because even he is underpowered with his low HoT and low range cleanse (cleanse, not status effect’s immunity).

@MantisToboggan To me 40% healing and 24% mana generation vs 33% healing and 63% defense would be ok and Ariel would still be the better healer.

My suggested 33% healing would held the same healing output of Delilah without her minions that could increase the maximum health pool of a hero by 13% of caster’s health x3

She could also have a nice defense bonus due to her possible family members.

and that level 17 mana does make a very noticeable difference on slow heroes

So does a lv23 mana troop for average heroes, a lv11 ones for very fast… etc.

@FraVit93 but aeron isn’t a pure healer. I’d say his main trick is the immunity.

She’d definitely be better than thoth, mush, Margaret, anzogh. And depending on your roster might be better than some others too, I’d rate her ahead of ranvir, and onatel too.

Sure some of the other regular legendary 5* would also rate higher than the aforementioned hotm.

I don’t use her but I know a highly regarded player @Rigs who uses her often and can vouch Viv is very good even at slow mana.

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She’s a lot of fun (i.e. a beast to kill) when put in a corner in war with the healing boost. I hate facing her then. And that’s now, without any tweaks. :wink:


As she is my only 5* healer she is ALWAYS in my raid team.
Sure, there are better ones, but for F2P people she is still an asset.


@Rook gawd you just reminded me of my previous war.

My eve+6 vs Viv in corner. You would think I should be able to finish the deal lmao, needless to say I didn’t get the one shot kill smh.


Saying that Aeron isn’t a “pure healer” and that his main trick is the immunity is like saying that Kashhrek is mainly to put up a red shield, it doesn’t have much sense.

He is a healer with an improved cleanse that (sadly) is only restricted to 3 targets.

Well, if we are comparing apples with oranges (healers with non healers) then we can easily say that heroes as Ariel, Alberich, Moher North, (and the list would go on) are better than any core hero.
I’m absolutely not saying that underperforming heroes shouldn’t be buffed, be it core heroes or HOTMs.

I use Vivica in every raid attack and I know that she is useful but if I had any other cleansing 5* I don’t think that she would be in my attacking team all the time.
(5* healers in my possession: Vivica, Aegir)

I’ll quote you twice to clarify. What I meant by not being a “pure” healer is the fact his heal is Hot.
Maybe I should say have said healers where the heal isn’t their primary skill. Similar to how kiril and BT are healers but the amount they heal is less than other 4* healers.

Vivica is my very first 5* hero. As a F2P player, she’s extremely valuable to me. Sure, slow mana can be frustrating sometimes. But her benefits far outweighs her drawbacks. I would say that she’s definitely useful even at slow mana.

Yes, in this way it’s more clear.
Still, would an average speed Vivica with her heal reduced to 33% be too strong when comprared to the other healers?

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