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I have a problem with my Titan battle and I don’t know what should I do because my allianz they say to me you have good Heroes and weak attack normally when I go in there Titan battle it doesn’t matter each Titan is coming nothing is coming for me if I need purple is not coming purple if I need yellow is not coming yellow if I need red is not coming red it’s need blue is not coming blue what should I do because he’s shame for me thank you


Hi @Spartacus198105

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I’m not sure what that means…it might have translated badly. Can you try again?


Ok, that’s better.

Do you have a weak WiFi or mobile data connection?

Have you got the latest version of the game?

Have you tried resetting the game?

Sorry if that’s all obvious, but always worth trying the simple solution first.


Can you start a new thread for a new problem?

The answers don’t make sense if the top post keeps changing


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