Thanks to the Dev's, Designers, Artists, and General Factotums


I woke up this morning to Christmas Magic! Santa Hats on all the little people, Lighting Stars a top a decorated tree, Snowmen who ’ flip’ their lids, and that gorgeous Aurora Borealis sky.

Best gift I have received in decades.

Sincerest Holiday good wishes to the makers, and my fellow players wherever you may be.


I’m just so addicted to cristmas event fight song.
It not gives the vibe of a fight at all, but i wanna do the stage just to here that jingle.

I don’t wanna kill the boss ;_;


I may not finish the last one (repeatedly) so I can keep hearing the jingle lol


I have to say I thought the jingle was annoying the first couple times I heard it but as I play more of the levels, it has grown on me. My grinch heart has grown 3 sizes due to the Christmas music…:joy::joy::joy:


Rats, I beat it. No more music!!! sniffle


My sympathies @Rook. Maybe Avicious could make a video? I have been trying, but don’t have that skill yet.:sob:


I’m thinking I’ll have to play with the music on! :grin:


Yeah same here - I muted it but now since I am on the last level I will crank it up!


Just wanna say thanks to all of you guys.

I know it’s not much, but i feel i have to say it for no reason. (maybe)