Thanks to devs

Well, I’ve done my fair share of whining about things I don’t like about this game. It’s only appropriate that I equally thank the devs for the good changes that are happening.

I’ve noticed an increase in quests with 4* ascension items. I’m glad people have a better chance now to ascend their stagnant heroes.

Also, the addition of the many new heroes, HotM or challenge heroes, is helping keep things less boring. Very interesting HotM lately with Alberich and Thoth and in my eyes Jackal is a hit too.

If anyone got anything else to add please do.

I figure that for every 5 complaints I could probably say 1 nice thing :wink: (P.s. I just mentioned 2 positive things so expect 10 complaints in the near future :rofl:)


This is temporary. See here:

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Sadly, it’s been absurdly good while it lasted and the frequency didn’t seem to be overpowering either from a game perspective.

It’d be nice to get 6 per month or thereabouts which translates to rainbow (well close, probably missing a couple of neutral items) in 6 months which seems to be about the average progression (well maybe 80% people always get unlucky with 1 or 2 particular materials apparently), without it’s breaking the game.


It has been truly refreshing. I like this rate and I hope it will stay. I actually was checking the quest screen with excitement to see if something fun popped up instead of ignoring it until someone in the alliance mentions a rare quest appeared.


I am waiting for alliance war update… does any one know how it’s gonna be?? and please bring A market building to exchange item within the alliance.

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