Thanks SG u did it again --> Destroyed slow heroes

Slow heroes are bad in this game. If its not fast its bummer. Then they introduce vf war that was stupid (they could just reduce amount of mana needed by default).
Now they removed hidden 20% defence up for def heroes “becouse of limit breakers” and now slow heroes are even more useless in defence. Even top ones.

Prove me wrong!

p.s. once each player will have 20 LB heroes it might be better, but thats few years from now. Stupid, shortsighted…but its ok just to create 50 new fast heroes each month, this will improve game


I do agree. VF Wars are just annoying really. They are 100% dependent on the opening board.
Bad opening board = Loss
Good opening board = Win
As for Slow heroes - only useful in VF wars/tourneys. But that was intentional.


Actually… Is there any PVP that isn’t starting board dependent nowadays?

Fast heroes are strange at the moment as well. Some are like Lianna, marjana, Kingston… Damage only or damage + some ailment/buff.

Others can define the match. Hannah, Frigg, Odin.

I think the board dependency is just another consequence of hero power disbalance.


Have to disagree here.

My only slow defense isn’t doing any worse since they removed the 20% stat boost.

On offense most newer slow heroes are good to great, but also older ones either with costumes or high emblems are still useful. Probably a third to fourth of the heroes I use every war are slow regardless of the rules.

I mean I can understand that someone doesn’t like slow heroes, and some are just “useless” outside rush or at least extremely outdated. But with all those new extremely hard hitting heroes in pvp or war defenses I’m relying more and more for slow heroes, because unlike my fast or very fast they can survive when the defense fires and are powerful enough to counter whereas if I take some only fast heroes I’m extremely board dependent. If the start board isn’t good I’m most of the time dead, when the defense is charged.


Too broad of a stroke. Mother North - pretty darn good, regardless of slow speed… and there are others.


I might agree that on defense they re not so good, unless is VF rule, but on offense they have their value.

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My defence has : Slow-Fast-Average-Average-Ninja & I get same results daily…. My cup count holds upwards of 2650 thru the day….

Speed, hero specials add to the variety play, FUN !

Complaining without any sound rationale which constitutes majority of all complaints on this forum, simply sounds more like “Venting”
rather than
A smart - pointed - clear issue being highlighted = SG won’t pay much attention,
they have done their study / homework about whatever they have / will introduce…

Good luck playing !


Again. It’s not about hero speed. It’s about balance. At my opinion.

  • Lianna and Garjamal are fast.
    Both deals massive damage.
    Only one of them has passive skill, heals and have higher stats. Other one CAN have costume bonus.

  • Quintus and Krampus
    One deals a okish damage to all for slow speed.
    Other gives +50% attack to all + unremovable highest defense buff in the game + minions for all… for average speed. Plus decent stats.

  • Horhgall and Bobo
    No commentary.

  • Quintus and Killhare
    No commentary.

  • Isarnia and Frigg
    No commentary… Like really.

  • Elena and Sit
    High damage + counterattack for slow.
    Half damage taken + counterattack + mana buff for average

  • Khiona, Thorne and Black Knight.
    An HOTM, a classic and an event heroes.
    I. One has semi-sniper damage + small unremovable heal + nearby allies berserker attack buff.
    II. Another one deals sniper damage to one and smaller damage to nearby enemies.
    III. And the last: taunt, berserker attack buff for all + high chance possibility of reduzing any attack to 1 damage.
    Everyone is average mana.

  • non costume azlar vs anybody in game
    No comments

  • Sartana and Seshat
    One has mediocre stats, an OK sniper damage and a mediocre insignificant DOT.
    Other has good damage, dispells and summons one of the best minion in game.

  • Bera and Freya vs the dove girl Noor
    No comments like really really. Noors doves are beefy and can remove other minions but you know what I’m talking about.

Mana speed is just an adjustable detail. There are mana troops, good boards, mana buff, mana potions.

But something you can’t adjust in battle is hero power differences.

Formations and hero positions are also vital in raids.

Many things can interfere in successful raid defenses but it’s not about just mana speed. I think that’s the smallest detail.


Disagree. When do you guys ever stop whining? Every time the Hotm is average or slow speed, people complain that they aren’t fast. The recently released heroes are nicely balanced between fast, average and slow. Just looking at the heroes will tell you that, but complaining is just so much easier. As for VF wars - love them!


Another rehashed topic of the same old variety. There are plenty of non “useless” slow heroes. If I got to pick five heroes for a defensive team they probably won’t be slow.

I am intrigued that people hate slow heroes because they’re too slow, but ninjas 3x charge is also OP.


Agreed. Not everyone has to be fast.

Even the recent and older heroes balance is not good nowadays, I love VF wars.


In the Ninja Tower, going mana route for your blessings, can make slow heroes great


cries in non costume Azlar :sob::rofl:

Seriously, I have a non-costume Azlar and he’s more useful for me than Reuben.

Note: I am vc2p.


Why? .

I have been playing for 4 years, having a big roster.
I love many of my slow heroes and using the best of them often. That including some of the S1 slow heroes.
I agree that for many purposes in game, fast heroes are better.
But then the specials of a slow hero, will often complete a faster team in synergy.
And for rush tournaments and wars, most of them are obviously shining…
Slow heroes have not been great for raid defense meta in a long time, but now having new war formations, I’m seeing some slower heroes doing great again in the right lineup and formation


People who think only fast heros are good only know one way to play the game. Expand your strategy and roster and you can play well in any situation. I never leave diamond and my whole defense team doesn’t have a single fast hero. One average and the rest slow and v slow.

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I use slow heroes on offense (a few) and in a lot of instances where I’m working hard, I have fast heroes that just sit there charged for more than a few turns. (that is obviously contingent on the special). This is due to me preferring tiles over brute force specials for the most part on offense. Regular defence? I use my best credible working team. I mean I could sneak in a very slow wing like Alfrike, but prefer a fast sniper.

Feels like you are reading a different thread to me… OP posed a question and the answers I read were a balanced summary of useful slow heroes and situations where they’re useful or better than fast heroes.

For my part, slow, average or fast I like to bring heroes together with good synergies in specials and functions. I do think SG find it harder to balance slow heroes and should address some of the S1 obsolescence, for what it’s worth.


Liessssssssss, that’s just 2550 cups!

Slow heroes are far from useless. They require more thought in using them, but I have two slow heroes on my defense (both are S1) and I hold well in diamond, usually above 2500. There are times I gain more cups from being attacked than I do from attacking.

I also regularly use 1 or 2 slow heroes in just about every raid attack.

Fast heroes are like playing checkers, slow heroes are like playing chess.

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