Thanks SG for making me stop $$$$

Thank you SG for making me stop investing in this game, 08 gold chips, 4000 gems and 2 more tokens Atlantis

all I got agwe, agwe, agwe and lots of crap.

He needed this to happen to wake up and stop putting money :pray::pray::pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks SG for making me stop $$$$


Welcome, enjoy your Agwes

-sincerely SG


I already closed my Google account payments (impossible to re-spend again)

I’m happier not to dream about impossible :slightly_smiling_face::pray:


Glad you stop if you think it is not worth it.

Fact is there will be always a new shiny hero that you want, it is a clear and succesful strayegy until now on this game, and it is clear that if you want to stick on a not very high budget some of them surely escape.
You can be lucky once, maybe two or three but at some point that luck run out and you need huge investment to keep the pace of every new hero.

So you have 3 choice ahead to you:

  • first: stick on your budget knowing that many may escape and be glad of the ones you get

  • second: increasing your budget and increasing your chance (but at the same time increasing your regret if things don’t go as well as you want)

  • third: ceasing to spend and just play with whatever you have without high expectations.

If you think that’s the right choice for you, ok.
Just be sure of it.


I choose one. Decreasing my budget though…
At first it was around € 30

Now it’s € 15. Still happy with this game


I’d rather stop investing, I’ll now stay F2P for free. For investing I get nothing. And still create expectation in vain :roll_eyes:

01 year playing only I have Isarnia, Khagan and Leonidas. tc20 only litter. SG I’m ashamed to tell this to my friends.

The SG can invent four hundred heroes, I will settle for what I have so far, one day I will get bored once I get nothing and I will stop playing, a matter of time.


You hit it on the head with “game of chance”

I really wonder how the Casinos (especially the Vegas ones in the '80s) would respond to people whining and sometimes threatening about not winning even though they spent lots of money… (this is not meant to flame ANYONE, just a thought.

F2P and C2P with the expectation of having fun are the way to go in my opinion.

Enjoy the games folks…


I’m always curious about the use of the term “investing” when talking about spending money on the game.

I’ve invested in my home, invested in my car (even with depreciation), but if I go to a casino, I’m not investing. If I go to a movie or a concert, or a sports game, I’m not investing, even if I’ve enjoyed it.

Can we “invest” in entertainment or do we just spend money to purchase it. Isn’t an investment something more tangible than a few hours of entertainment?


Well said @princess1

I’d even consider “investing in game” as more like buying stocks. Therefor SG would be sending cheques (real money) to it’s investors. Much like stock market I suppose.


It just depends on how you define investment. I think yes, you can invest in anything you can receive a value from, no matter how big or small. I invest time and money into a video game to receive enjoyment (valuable to me). If I’m spending a lot more than I feel I should receive, this is a bad investment.

How you invest can vary, (money, time) and what’s considered valuable depends on the person. At least that’s my view of it.


Atleast now Sg can say

“hey! We put out our garbage chances so it’s your fault for spending!”

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Perhaps the comparison to investing in the stock market is the most accurate. Players seem to be as outraged by the “loss of their investment” as I am when my stocks drop :rofl:

I’m going out right now to invest in a lottery ticket!


Just remember to get mad at the lottery company if you don’t win. ;p
I’m sure they’ll change their business model

Lmfao. :smile:

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In the lottery I make money, in the game I gain heroes that I will still have to spend more time to raise. Lottery has nothing to do with EP. If you treat this game as a lottery you are totally clueless. I was buying to improve my team and not to get rich. If I stop spending I keep playing, in the lottery you only participate if you spend money. One thing has nothing to do with the other

A game that you dedicate hours of your time not to receive the just. there is nothing to do with lottery, here you play and have fun, in the lottery you play and pray

Wrong are we believing that someday will get some hero of dreams, have you stopped to think if SG close the doors tomorrow? Heroes will have no value outside the game


Interesting point of view… however that being said… how moch money have you actually won playing the lottery. Im willing to bet you’ve barely broken even or like most of us lost miserably.

Sooooo… the question is how is this not like the lottery aka gambling?

Also just curious… if it’s so easy to make a wildly popular game, why don’t you just go and develop one yourselves and “fix” the problems?

Anyways, I’m gonna go enjoy playing the game and enjoying it. Last i checked it IS just a game. People make choices and have to live with consequenses. Like it or not.

Happy farming everone. :sunglasses:


Today I’ve reached the same conclusion. I’ve been from free, to paying VIP pass, to occasionally buying some offer’s, to buy everything that you throw at me. My conclusion is that I enjoyed much more this game when I paid nothing. So today I removed my credit card from the PlayStore :slight_smile:


There are F2P, C2P and P2P. There is room at the table for every type of gamer.

I purchase my entertainment, but I don’t look down on those who want it free, nor those that pay more than I personally can afford.

All three are welcome.


Yeah @dbotelho. Way more fun to keep it at least C2P. I pay for the VIP simply for second builder and gems for the chance of something cool. I like gambling a bit. But i did play almost a year before I decided to pay VIP and give the devs a little something for their time in making a game that I’ve been playing for a while. So far I’m still considerably less than paying EA or other companies $100 or more for video games I might play for a month. That’s my take on it anyways.

Part of me thinks that most of the people that complain about the odds would just find something else to complain about even if they always got what they wanted. Pretty sure it’s human nature. Sad but true.

I respect all players, I am venting and I would like to have respect too.

I like the game I will continue to play with VIP only until my constructions are full.



Lol i have a ton of things in my house and in my car that last much less that this game.