Thanks SG for AW Loot Increase

I complain and vent when needed but I also complement when it’s warranted. The loot for AW this war was much better. No ascension items for me but more loot which is an upgrade.



Wow some great loot you got there!!!

I actually thought this was going to be a sarcastic thread at first…congrats on all that awesome loot…lol

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I got a damascus blade in the recent AW loot.

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My alliance lost our first war this time around, but my wife still got a compass. I’m wondering if it might be due to her being or alliance’s top scorer.

Anyone else seen a trend in that aspect or was she just lucky? If being top dawg is rewarding that’s something else to appreciate too =)

Oh, maybe. My team did win and I was top scorer and I got similar loot. Can’t be certain it was for highest scoring but the 3 other accounts are my alts and they did not get a blade.


I was near the bottom third and still got this (just took a photo of the end; there was additional loot):

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I think I got a 2* red trainer if I’m not mistaken, so I’m happy. :slight_smile:

I was top scorer and got crappy loot. Someone else got a sturdy shield though. Don’t think score has anything to do with it and it shouldn’t anyway. Mopping up gives more points than killing the first 4 heroes on a team, so if the loot would be different for top scores, working together wouldn’t work as well as it does now.


I was second and got a manna tonic and some 2* stuff. Just 6 items… :frowning:

Score has nothing to do with it. It’s either win or loss loot.

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Are you sure this is the correct screenshot? Not sure this is for AW?

:scream: yes it is, lol. Sorry folks.

Exactly what loot increase are you talking about?

I used the oil to fry the mushroom.
Was tasty. But nothing to write home about.



I was the top scorer in our AW victory but can’t say I was blown away with the loot.

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So SG increased the AW loot. That’s good. I was worried that all those higher level teams who put in so much work to pretend they are mid level were not getting rewarded for their cleverness!
Would prefer if SG would fix up the matchmaking rather than further incentivise teams to blatantly hunt for lower teams…


You just made my day, @AnjaValkyrie. What an excellent post. :rofl:

This is one of those ‘really?!?’ threads.
Something like Oliver Twist being very happy to be handed 2 stale breadcrusts instead of just the one when going up to ask “Please, Sir, can I have some more?”.


Im not seeing any good loot in that original post, so not sure what the OP is going on about. That being said, I got a hidden blade this time around, but I’m sure it’s just RNG.

It’s not just the quality but the quantity. From winning it seems we get 3 crafting materials, 1 ascension mat, 2 battle items, plus maybe a token, and an extra trainer or flask. I see the improvement.

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I received decent loot, including an alliance energy refill and 2* trainer…no complaints here. It was an upgrade from the previous war, but was this the result of a change by the devs or the semi-magical work of the RNG?

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