Thanks for Your Continued Support - Announcement Discussion (Jan 2023)

Please read our latest announcement on the recent issues affecting the game:

Please find your small gift in the in-game Inbox.

Again, on behalf of the whole Small Giant Games team, our sincerest apologies for the recent issues.



Thank you for letting us know what you think about all the problems we had in the past few weeks and also what you are going to do to avoid them in the future.
We do appreciate the fact that you care to explain what happened and why.

Thank you for golden emblems - I have never got any, so I’ll make sure to use them wisely.


Thank you for the official statement.
The compensation present isn’t that great but I guess it’s better than nothing. The better gift being your improved delivery pipeline. Looking forward to seeing it works better from now on :smiley:


This was a good move by SGG and probably the best compensation loot I have seen ever (started Feb 2019). They do need to compensate more often, especially when they issue nerfs. But overall, a step in the right direction.

Funny @Elioty33 I thought 500 emblems is great compensation (if you use golden emblems 20th node on 5s)


Thank you for the gift! I appreciate the devs making an effort.


Indeed, sorry, forgot how useful they are. It’s the first time I have golden emblems :grimacing:


Honestly, if you think about it, it’s still 500 emblems in some cases! And I know I for one appreciate that.

I agree, that it’s been strange that things have been so out of sync lately in terms of release, but as many others are saying, hopefully this is going to mean a smooth continuation to the rest of the year. Moreover , I am sure that we all appreciate taking ownership and acknowledging the errors.


Sure, good compensation for people who spend nothing. For people who spending money chasing the beta version of Frigg - not so much.


The inbox gift was a nice surprise, this apologize post is even better.
However (and this is totally from my perspective) I’ve lost any trust in game owners (developers/designers/whatever), so these to me are empty words.


Do people not read anything before summoning? I’m sorry, but their is an aspect of personal responsibility as well… It was very plain the costume was bad if you took a few seconds to look at it before opening your wallet.


Sorry to tell you but cFrigg was initially released in her beta form which was way better than the current version. So I don’t see how “reading before summoning” should have resulted in another conclusion.


Ok, thanks for that info, the portals open at 2am my time so the hero must have been changed very quickly after… then yes that is a massive nerf, but unfortunately we are used to the bait and switch model (see M&M, Kalo, Telluria, etc)


Saudades de quado o jogo pertencia apenas e só a SG, lógico que visava o lucro (objectivo de qualquer empresa), mas, sem a ganância que se verificou após as primeira e segundas aquisições.
Era perfeito? nada é.
Tinha erros? sim, não com tanta frequência como agora.
Vai melhorar? Sinceramente, não acredito…
a muito tempo que o o foco deles é só um, dinheiro dinheiro dinheiro.
Antes, tinhamos menos quantidade/variedade, mas melhor qualidade do serviço prestado (não perfeito, mas bom)
Agora, muita quantidade/variedade, mas pouca qualidade do serviço prestado (não prestado)
Triste triste

I missed when the game belonged only and only to SG, of course it was for profit (the goal of any company), but without the greed that happened after the first and second acquisitions.
It was perfect? nothing is.
Did it have mistakes? yes, not as often as now.
Will it get better? Honestly, I don’t believe so.
For a long time their focus has been only one, money money money.
Before, we had less quantity/variety, but better quality of service (not perfect, but good)
Now, a lot of quantity/variety, but poor quality of service provided (not good)

Sad sad sad


Not pleased with this response.

  1. What is the remediation for those who pulled Costumed Frigg with her Beta special intact, before it was changed?

  2. Why did you change Costumed Frigg’s special in the first place? You changed it to almost the exact same special as her non-costumed version.

  3. Are you going to change the costume special back to what it was in Beta?



While I appreciate the apology, the announcement didn’t cover the inconsistency of Zynga’s “Disaster Recovery & Relief Response” to date.

That Response was unprecedented for the botched AQ Musketeers even though some item refunds went to incorrect recipients.

Then comes the botched AR portal. Response was muted beyond the Announcement. No compensation was given to my knowledge.

Along comes the botched NT portal. Response was along the lines that of AQ Musketeers. Even then the compensation was inconsistent. Some received full refunds. Some partial. Others received token refund of 100 coins.

And now the botched VF portal. Beyond the inbox apology “hamper”, is Zynga going to compensate the Early Birds who tried for one version of C Frigg, and ended up with the current (and final version)?

I don’t have Frigg, let alone C Frigg. So I don’t have anything to gain from compensation for botched VF portal, just like I am not eligible for compensation for AQ-M or AR or NT.

It’s pretty obvious that AQ-M, NT portal and VF portal would have attracted the attention of whales, while interest in AR is likely to be low.

Right now it looks like Zynga favours their biggest customers over the tiny shrimps and krill. No surprise there. From a business perspective, I would probably support that too.

However, Zynga doesn’t have to be that obvious about it. Favouritism shouldn’t apply to compensation. Compensation should be given to all affected players in line with a consistent policy, and that policy should be announced to assure affected players that Zynga cares about all players.

I hope that Zynga will revisit the compensation handed out for:

• that botched NT portal and ensure that all players receive FULL REFUNDS

• that botched AR portal and offer affected players, who received either Zagrog or Malicna, an option to exchange for Silvaria or Frosth.

• that botched VF portal and offer affected players equitable compensation for trying for the original C Frigg, and ended up with that “nerfed” version.


Thank you for communicating. :100: :seal:


I haven’t been impacted by any issues.

So it’s a free 500 emblems and 20 loot tickets for me :laughing:


10 minutes is enough to learn what information is important to do

Here, here :beers: 20 beers or something