Thanks for summon results

Well I got Leonidas from Atlantis summons. Most of the people expect high end heroes or featured ones. I didn’t expect any legendary hero from my summons but you gave me Leo which he is ok in my book I want to thank you about it, even I can get it from tc20 but you didn’t let me go with nothing with a single pull. Appreciate it dear developers. be well.


Congrats! I have Leonidas almost to 2^60, and already loving him. Great for monk trials. Wish I had darts for him.

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This is a refreshing change from the usual summons portal threads.


And my thanks, I got Ranviar twice in bonus pullsover the period plus a Boldtusk, not any great Atlantis stars but a couple of the nice 3* in there too, so this m not complaining,

congrats! I just got 3-stars heroes from these atlantis summons… Kailaini just loves me so much, got 3 of her :expressionless:

Congratulations because I did 15 pulls from this Atlantis summon and all was 3* and 7 was Mineseus. ■■■■■■■■ game

Yes, I did a 10 hero draw. Got Gregorian, Misandra, and HOTM Ranvir. Not bad. Thanks for loosening up the odds.


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