Thanks for making this website/game

We would not be here right now (as in on this website/on this game) without the creators of it. Thank you guys for taking the time and money to create it. Have a good day all!


I agree, a shout out and a big thanks should go to the devs, at this point i really enjoy the game and even the frustrations. I am one of the players looking forward to alliance wars but then again I hope they dont bring “too much” into this game. I have deleted other games because they become too time consuming, I cannot spend 24 hours a day on a game, at this point i can log in a couple of times a day, have chat, do what I have to and log off again. If the game does not become too time consuming I will be here for a very very long time. AWESOME GAME!!!


Agreed. Lost my gaming console because of hurricane Irma. Probably four months ago I accepted my current situation and realized my only option of gaming was mobile. This is the first time since Clash of clans and Dark summoner that I have been hooked on a mobile game. That has been at least four or five years ago that I played either one of those. This is also the first mobile game I have ever played that was amazing enough for me to spend money on. So I also would like to say thank you to everyone involved with the creation and maintaining of this game. Not only for the game/forum but keeping me distracted from my current situation.


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