Thanks for having your servers over capacity

In the middle of playing season 3 13-10 hard mode, your servers were over capacity and I had to fight the whole round over again. With the amount of money you people rake in (I know I have contributed plenty)
You should have more than enough Network capability to handle almost anything.

I’m assuming server is over capacity bc winter event literally just launched? Just try again later, yo.

That is all well and good, but it really sucks when you are almost done with a level and because their server is swamped, it kicks you out of the game and you have to start that whole level again !

I had the same message today.
I was more fortunate as I was not in a fight at that time.

Passive agressive titles. Don’t see many of these.

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Hi @Swordsman1669, I’m sorry this happened…

I also apologize for having to ask, but how did you know that it’s the server capacity?

Was there a message in the game? Or from a trouble ticket response?

I’m only asking because this is very concerning…

Thanks in advance,