Thanks, Boldie! I owe you 33 cups!

Fighter’s class revive talent is probably the best to have around… This time, the red ork just refused to stay dead. 5 times he revived, healed himself twice and won a raid that was, under any other circumstances, lost… Alone and with a red health bar he took out fast, self healing +7 Elkanen, that actually put him down him 5 times. Useful talent for the fighter class!


Congrats mate. Very nice ridiculous bragging!

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Unfortunately I don’t have it recorded (real shame because it was quite a show) but a couple of raid tournaments before I was fighting against a +20 Boldtusk.
I killed him with tiles, simultaneously wounding him with Grimm’s skill. He revived… then he died immedietly due to bleeding and… revived again. At this moment his mana was full and he healed.
I lost that raid…
I really started to get paranoid killing fighters from this time.


I also have a BT20 and it barely ever triggers the revive :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately, revive doesn’t kick in when you need it, but when it wants to. The “cherry on top” thing happens when those two coincide :grin:

Yes, He revived infront of me 4 times.

I can vouch.

Forget to do your weekly sacrifice to RNGesus?

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