Thank you small giant

This 2.99 special was just the thing you needed to do to give some FTP players a chance to move with a little more speed. with it being so cheap i am able to get a few of our less fortunate some much needed help for the holidays with some Google and iTunes gift cards for my alliance members. I had a few epic rolls that gave me some much needed heroes during this event so just wanted to thank the dev team, my alliance leader, and all players for making my last 8 months a great time. happy holidays to everyone.


I just renewed my VIP yesterday and have 29 days left on it. If I wait until the last day of the $2.99 VIP offer will it add on to my time or will it be a waste of money?

It will add to it no matter how many days you have. I went from 157 to 187 days.


Not meaning to cause trouble here, but do you mean Cheap to Play or FTP?

My understanding is FTP don’t spend money at all regardless of how cheap the deal is

In any event yes it’s a good deal and I wish I could abandon my self control

We have a few FTP Gamers in our allaince. we usually hosts events so that they can try and win play cards to add to their account, thus they are still FTP. I have only rolled for heroes but I grind the maps just like everyone else. no way to speed up leveling heroes even if you have them. just have to hit the bricks like the rest of us.


Wow that’s pretty cool. An internal comp or something like that with prizes?

I make them fun. we put everyone on teams for the alliance war and whatever team combined most points won 25 dollar gift card. whoever team has most defensive stops, in house highest finish each tier of events. we try to make sure everyone that’s been with us stays because no alliance can grow unless you care about all members


Wow, that is truly amazing of you and your alliance mates; it is really inspiring and a fantastic idea. Even though I’m not in your alliance, I am truly grateful to hear that there are people like you who give back like that, because that is no small feat. Thank you for your kindness; I’m sure it is greatly appreciated by your fellow members as well :blush:

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my first alliance was a nightmare, but these guys took us in and gave me and my friends a home. least I can do is make sure people in the house have a good time.

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