Thank You Small Giant for the Beauty!

Thank you, Small Giant/E&P for a beautiful game. My husband & dad passed away within a year of each other recently, and I looked for a game that would use my mind so I wouldn’t lose it with grief. My husband would’ve loved the good vs. evil battle, so 4 months ago I dipped my toe in even though I was clueless in the beginning. I have found a lovely alliance, grown in skill, and recently got my first 4*& 5* heroes (patience is a virtue!)
I have really enjoyed the beauty of this game. In my deep grief I sometimes just sit & watch ducks, dragons, Santa & snow. The Aurora Borealis is on my bucket list, but the art is enough for now. I love the community of the forum, and I even have a hard time saying goodbye to the heroes I become attached to when I level up. Maybe grief is making me crazy, but it’s a nice, structured kind of crazy. I was F2P until Christmas time, at which point I decided to invest in your company because it has kept me this side of the edge.
Wishing the whole SG & E&P community a beautiful, joyful, peaceful 2019 full of love,
Joyful818 aka Shining


That was a beautiful sentiment!

One of our players recently lost her mother and kept playing throughout the devastating process. Luckily we were on discord and able to chat. When she said she felt a bit guilty about playing while waiting at the hospital, I told her the game was a wonderful distraction and her fellow alliance members a form of support.

No reason in the world to feel guilty because you’re playing a game during tough times.

p.s. the Northern Lights is also on my bucket list but I hate the cold and snow so I’ll just enjoy them through the game as well :slight_smile:


What a great post!

We have an alliance member going through a somewhat similar loss while playing, and I’d like to think our alliance community is a nice escape and venting space when desired.


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