Thank you SG!

Yeah, thanks to devs for making this game, we all like to play it in the end even if it frequently angers us with RNG antics. But sometimes even RNG ends up on your side. Also thanks to devs for providing new content, sometimes even a bit too much of it.

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LOL I may have to quit my job when Season 3 is released. Maybe I can be a Walmart greeter.

I too just picked up Sonya from the costume chamber. Now have all but six of the vanilla 4 stars and a burgeoning collection of 5s (numbering 7 including two HsOTM).
So true that the C/FTP have the lowest expectations and consider everything we get a bonus. The ones who pay hundreds and think that entitles them to get their dream team make me laugh. Given the odds you’d have to spend closer to a million to get the results they expect.

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