Thank you SG!

I think we have a lot to complain about so that a lot of things will change in the game. But I think we are not here to thank SG for listening to us and making the game experience more enjoyable. :grin:
So thank you. :wink:


2 free summons from 1 quest is pretty surprising


Thanks, SG for opening another gateway to grow and improve on our existing heroes. And, also for your generosity with the costume keys.


And thanks to SG for finally giving me Sonya after 2 years of playing, albeit via the Costume chamber :tada:




I get that they now give hero plus costume but they cut odds and raised cost to Atlantis pull yet the hero pool is tiny and while you do get a “new” hero you still have to level that hero plus the costume assuming you don’t have the hero already.
It’s nice to get free keys from mail plus 2 pulls if you do whole event which isn’t harder than a rare quest in terms of strength of bosses. So 3 free pulls is nice esp w costumes like melendor, Sonya and rigard. Viv is nice but rare. I have her max and she’d be kunchen but yellow and I’d likely give her emblems from Mitsuko .

I just wish we knew what 5he other costumes were going to be for kiril, Sabina(hopefully not chef kiril…lol and maybe Sabina keeps percent heal but becomes cleanser like rigard plus maybe defense up. Just diff from HOT change ) and caedmon is he going to be Sonya? Grimm and gormek likely sake as tiburtus. No way will they make them w new skills like new heroes .

I just don’t see this as long term solution as s3 heroes and new hotm push higher. Yes this helps short term but who would pull here vs s2 or 3? Sure bigger spenders will just for the novelty of having them. But in terms of overall play as longer term players they want s2 and hotm plus s3. New players will pull in ATL or s3 instead of here or regular pulls.

But with limited mats I can’t see going for Richard when all those blues are there. Same with even the snipers, I have almost everyone from tc20 so I’ll take 5he free pulls but for same cost I think ATL is better value overall. It does help if you get the costumes for the good 5s like lianna but that takes time to get her then ages to maybe get costume . I like the feature but i can’t see the long term value over other portals for generating revenue.
Much rather have a nice HA like the one described in that thread by someone I can’t recall right now but they have the ha plus a crystal chamber to pull hotm and s1 but each functions diff plus odds are decent as well as training times. Likely never happen but it’s a nice post . Off to go do my 3 pulls. Here’s hoping for Vivica or lianna or Joon. Maybe even Mel or Sonya .
Just my $0.02. Good luck all…


You still have to use cleric emblems for viv so your mitsuko is safe


Whoops forgot that. Nice catch. Thx.
Rigard is at 20 and I did start Viv already. I have to see each tree to see what I’d get on new Viv based on the ones I already did.

Totally forgot about that.


I would check out @Razor emblem tool on

Pretty useful and can see effects of emblems on regular viv and costume viv without bustin out the calculator


Does this mean that despite Viv Costume being a Sorcerer, you’d still use Cleric emblems to level her? Great news if so.


That is correct. Heres mine.


Very cool, thank you for the upload. Looks like Rigard is outta luck.


Parabéns pela melhoria SG


Me too! Only it’s been one year for me. Sonya power!!


Thanks, it’s a great game


I must say I am pleasantly surprised with costume changes:

  1. they made keys much easier available - so far I also got keys from elemental chests and mystic vision, plus more keys in the key quests
  2. you get the hero and his costume from the portal - I wish it worked like that from day 1, when I got a Joon costume :laughing:
  3. you can see from hero selection if the hero in a costume would work for class trials for example;
  4. it might even work if my Joon is in my war defense, but I wanna use a costumed one in a class trial - I havent tried yet, but have a feeling they fixed that!
    one thing, which I am not sure was the case before, is you cant use one costume on all heroes - you need to level 1 per each hero.

This was always the case :slight_smile:

You always summoned a costume PATTERN from which you made a hero specific COSTUME.


I would also like to thank them for starting to add some QoL changes to the game. Its really nice to see things that improve the general experience.


It was very cool to see that more ways to earn costume keys were added! Thanks :+1:

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There do seem to be a bunch of complaints recently but I just wanted to say that I’m just having the time of my life. :smile:

I’m C2P - only buying a few 0.99 and 1.99 gem offers - and so have come to the game with no real expectations to draw the ‘top’ heroes. For me though, that’s not what it’s about. I joined mid August 2019 because I was curious about a 3-match game with a base building AND a competitive element and quickly got hooked. Thank you, SG.

From this morning I only have two 5* (so chuffed to have drawn costumed Lianna today). However, I also don’t have any issues with this because I’m a very active player and so have had plenty of time to gather the resources to build a couple of decent 4* teams. I now realise that I have no problems at all with my draws because the time it takes to find those 5* and high 4* is happily balanced by how many AMs I can earn via the various events. From reading so many posts on this forum I really do think us very C2P and F2P are the happier players here.

Anyway, I’ve been here since August 2019, have reached Level 37 have 2393 cups (a record) and a base at L18. Every day is a new, interesting challenge and I have really enjoyed being a part of this forum and learning about the best way to group my heroes and progress in the game.

What are my current goals? To get my base to L20 - obviously - and to get either a purple attacker or a 4+ star Rogue (Layla is currently the highest ranked in this class! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) or perhaps both? LOL. I can wait … I’m sure it’ll happen soon.


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