Thank You Forum

I just want to take a minute to say Thank You, to every gamer who contributes to the massive amount of knowledge found here. There are multiple posts here that even on their own, make the forum a very valuable resource. Thank You to those asking questions, which produce answers. Thank You to those answering, and Mega Thanks to those that take the time to compile the variety of massive info, which you then share. Barry, and Momento being just 2 who’ve posted links to information which has helped both myself and my Alliance to advance in both growth and knowledge. Much Honor, and Respect to you all Fellow Empire Gamers. Thank You Moderators, Staff etc… May The Force Be With You😁Couldn’t help it


Merge? Nah just joshing! Yeah lot of good people here, Always with good advice! Always a argument to keep me entertained! Grateful to past people and future! Different opinions on who people class crap and those who use them and find a use for them! Full of knowledge great place! :+1: